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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 29349


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Emma Watson as Angela Gray
Ethan Hawke as Bruce Kenner
David Thewlis as Professor Kenneth Raines
Devon Bostick as Roy Gray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 6 / 10

Good! Quite good!

If you can trust an actor to make a good horror, lately that one is Ethan Hawke. From Sinister, to The Purge, or Daybreakers, he knows how to pick them and make the most of them.

A lot more psychological than the rest, Regression has a beautiful story, with a great dark atmosphere, suspense, scares, all the ingredients to a good little horror. I was intrigued from start to end, waiting to see more, trying to wrap my brain around it, and expecting a finish that would make the most sense.

And boy I got it all! It really is a great production, an example of what a horror should look like, goes hand in hand with Deliver Us From Evil, both movies are smart and filled with tension.


Reviewed by cacjade 8 / 10

Hidden Gem of a Movie "Regression" Ethan Hawke

I would have never watched this movie if I had seen the low ratings "stars" this movie received. I am glad that I saw it first. This movie may appeal more to people who grew up in the 1970's and 80's. In that time frame there was a underlying paranoia about satanism helped along by our Mothers and Media.We were told that there were hidden satanic messages in music and other forms of entertainment. There were many movies about satanic worshipers,Cults,anti-Christ and Demons.This movie does a good job of encapsulating that paranoia. I have to say the acting is good and the cinematography is really good. If you like mystery/Thriller movies and lived through the 70's and 80's I think you will like this Movie.The younger generation should also give it a try, you might enjoy it. I Give it 8 at 10 stars.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 7 / 10

Enjoyable mystery/thriller

Mystery/thrillers are always the movies that I enjoy the most. I just like that genre, where you relax and try to figure out what's going on. Sometimes they are bad and sometimes they are good like this one. I didn't see the end coming and that's what I like most about it. Even though I would have preferred another ending, it doesn't matter because it came as a surprise to me and that I enjoy. Especially when it's with good actors like Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. All the other actors were quality as well. I truly enjoyed the dark passages of Regression. Good job from Alejandro Amenábar. I will certainly watch more of his movies. I can get that some people don't like the movie but to give it a rating under five is just ridiculous. That's my point of view. Certainly when you see the amount of garbage movies that get more points then Regression.

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