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Vinnie Jones as Golden Pole
Gil Darnell as Johnny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abowkley 7 / 10

Some bad reviews but I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed this one, it was a mix of lock stock with The hangover, it was predictable but after 10000 movies they are all predictable. not a Vinnie Jones fan but he works well in movies like this, nice Tony Montana reference thrown in their. It could have been written better so not a 10er

Reviewed by Homosapiens 3 / 10

Not Great...

I mean 6.7 on IMDb doesn't mean a good movie anymore. Boring, missed a few of the scenes because i was just day dreaming throughout. The acting was average, the plot was not engaging and very predictable. I guess the premise had potential but it was just poorly executed. I guess there are a lot more paid reviewers than I first thought.

Reviewed by pauly_c 7 / 10

Funny, in a pantomime-like kind of way

This is a violent movie, true, with plenty of four-letter expletives, but the violence is a little bit cartoon-like really. If you can forgive that, then the movie is worth watching for the humour, because it is very funny in places. Vinny Jones is his normal menacing self. Jolly good fun.

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