Red Sparrow


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 108041


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Joel Edgerton as Nate Nash
Mary-Louise Parker as Stephanie Boucher
Matthias Schoenaerts as Vanya Egorov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott-344 8 / 10

Russian bots and apologists hate it -- Americans who know spy movies will enjoy

Spy movies in a le Carré vein can be judged on how well they handle issues of deceit and personal loyalty. "Red Sparrow" does a solid job of creating a plot that's complex, making us wonder who's deceiving whom, without being so jumbled it doesn't make sense. Solid performances, directing, and -- this I admire -- clear and impactful editing of fight scenes earn this a solid recommendation from me, an aficionado of spy movies. 4 stars out 5, 8 out of 10 for IMDB.

The film is violent and sexy in the way "Marathon Man" was in the '70s, and while there's no villain here as memorable as Laurence Olivier's Nazi dentist Zel, there are some nice supporting characters. Performances are first rate. Accents didn't bother me one bit. This is an American film geared toward English-speaking audiences. It doesn't need to have dialogue in Russian, as one clueless reviewer suggested. (I think there was one line in Russian at the beginning) Gimmicks like the one used at the beginning of "The Hunt for Red October" -- Connery et al speaking Russian until the moment the camera pushes into Connery's mouth and then pulls back and the rest of the movie is in English -- are fine, but not necessary. We've been there and done that. It's good to just get going with the story with dialogue we can understand.

I love non-realistic Bond movies for their action, humor, and production value, and I also love gritty spy films like "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" and "Three Days of the Condor" (even though Condor is a pure political statement -- unrelated to the actual world of CIA in any way). "Red Sparrow" falls somewhere in-between Bond and grittier '60s and '70s spy films. If you're a puritan who hates male and female nudity, then stick with Nickelodeon. And if you're a Russian kleptocrat's lackey who hates the way this film portrays the bankruptcy of modern Russia, then stick with... I don't know... "Battleship Potemkim."

Reviewers who give "Red Sparrow" one-star either have an agenda unrelated to film reviewing on their minds, or they don't know what they're talking about. "Red Sparrow" is a worthy entry in the spy movie canon.

Reviewed by kpx-27711 8 / 10

Unique Film

The local Russian pigs are scouring in the night perhaps looking for homosexuals or perhaps looking for some action of their own when they stumble upon an international case of espionage. Thus begins a two-hour long intersection of Russian brutality, sexual manipulation and international scares. The film's main character Jennifer Lawrence is a knock out and outgrows her reputation as a teenage actress. Joel Edgerton is also a break out. He perfectly portrays both a hero and a victim. Watch it.

Reviewed by hdb-13097 9 / 10

Sexy & Action

Sexy film. Action film. I want to see ,more similar action from other movies. I also want to see Jennifer Lawrence flaunt her gorgeous naturalness in more movies. Everything in this film is perfect. Even my wife said she is hawt.

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