Red Planet


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Val Kilmer as Gallagher
Simon Baker as Pettengil
Tom Sizemore as Burchenal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tgarrett007 9 / 10

A human face to sci-fi

I don't know why everybody rips this movie. The special effects are very realistic, down to the pink-tinted Martian sky. The plot is plausible (for science fiction), paying attention to many small details that often make these kinds of movies farcical. Most important, it's very existential; humans simply trying to survive against almost insurmountable odds. As the struggle builds, the relationships begin to gel nicely. This IS a movie about human relationships, not Star Wars style hype. I know, there are some weak spots. The opening and closing dialog, Val Kilmer whispering all the way through, some of the dialog, etc. But overall, this movie doesn't try to do too much (unlike the abysmal Mission To Mars), and that's what makes it a success.

Reviewed by johngreviewcentercom ([email protected]) 10 / 10

I couldn't get enough...very original!

I honestly loved "Red Planet." I thought that Kilmer did a great job playing the "rebellious yet skilled" character that he was so deft at in the 80's. I also felt that Moss added another good performance that was similar to her "soldier yet woman" role from "Matrix." The thought of not only oxygen but LIFE on Mars had not really been touched yet but it worked out greatly..think about it: the actors can actually do their thing without having to wear a bulky space suit the whole adds a lot of fast moving action and real drama to the movie. I also love Sizemore's performances. I guess if you like the actors and are open to a new kind of sci-fi/action plot, you at least should give this movie a shot. I loved it!

Reviewed by garthbarnes-55463 1 / 10

Rewrite and Carrie Take More Clothes Off

Spoilers Ahead:

Why do you think she spends the last half of the movie running around in a wet nighty? How about the shower scene? Her acting sucks badly. That brain dead monotone like she is balancing her checkbook? In the MATRIX, they poured her into that outfit for a reason, Carrie Anne stunningly beautiful and commensurately devoid of acting ability. She sounds so insouciant she could be Spock's wife. When Kilmer is biting it, and he is signing off she sounds like her misandrist daily magazine just went bi weekly. Please, who was the casting wizard who made her lead actor in the movie. Put Kilmer in front, idiots, even Sizemore towers over this Matrix midget. If you are looking for the number one reason the movie went down the crapper take a good look; Carrie Anne never was lead actor of another movie ever again. We saw this replicated with SALT another box office disaster; sorry, the misandrist demographic just not big enough to sustain 90 pound, muscle challenged, bad acting leads.

The script is just awful; it was the second reason it bombed. Let's have them walk across the entire surface of Mars for the whole movie chased by the most boring, non scary robot. Sizemore and Kilmer do competent jobs, as I said if you had made one of them the lead, instead of the undeserving Moss, who had made far less movies, the film might have done much better. This boredom is not lightened by singing a crappy Stones song, or showing us urinating in lower gravity. Thanks, that is too much information. The drama, in the ship, with the fire does not work because Moss cannot convey fear or any other emotion; she is total insouciant boredom. We stop caring soon after the movie starts. Everyone wonders about Stamp's character, they know they are in trouble; hence, let's make him a philosopher to add some metaphysics to this pile of crap. It does not work.

The film fails because of the painful synthesis between a boring, slow narrative on Mars blended with Deer in the Headlight's woman up in the ship. Her acting has to be seen to be believed. The ending, where his brain is without air for say ten minutes before revival, did not help things. Hey, maybe he wrote the script? There was good chemistry between Kilmer and Sizemore which makes us wonder if we had a better actor as Captain, one who could act, what the movie might have been. Like Salt, the PC agenda, you know we must all have our little red books, just obliterates the movie; oh well, just so the right action groups are appeased. This is why American cinema is so terrible. All the ways reality must be bent to make sure our butts are not swinging out there in the wind.

The movie puts the B in boring. Yes, her body is hot but she was a dreadful, untalented actress and she had no business being in that role. I was glad the film bombed; I suspect the other actors behind her that deserved that role, secretly, shared my enthusiasm. Let's give the lead to the most talented actor regardless of the categories that must be filled, shall we? I love when they do this and it bombs; go ahead, we will not go to the movie, idiots.

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