Red Dog: True Blue


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Jason Isaacs as Michael Carter
Bryan Brown as Grandpa
John Jarratt as Lang Hancock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Molongirl 5 / 10

Not true blue

I feel bad having to give only a five rating as the lead character was a young person who acted his heart out and did so well but the movie doesn't deserve a higher ranking. I would have enjoyed it ever so much more if it didn't have the feel of movie-making by numbers: we must have some homosexual characters, we must knock Christians (this time mission nuns), we must have mystical Aboriginals etc... political correctness will be the death of good story telling. There is nothing wrong with each of these individually but it felt contrived as if the director had to get them on screen somehow.

And as much as I love stories about dogs I felt this one tried to milk that good will too much. The dog chasing the plane when the boy leaves, it was all too much. Maybe I would give it a higher rating if it hadn't been called Red Dog as it felt like a blatant cashing-in on that crazily enjoyable film.

This wasn't a story about the dog it was a story about a boy becoming a man. Great scenery, great acting and great dog it just didn't come together as a good story.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10

The Blue's tale, a true free spirit.

The return of the Red Dog. It has been five years since the first film. Who knew it, I never expected a film like that could get a sequel. That was inspired by a true event, but not this one. It was actually a prequel that tells the story of Red's earlier life, where did he come from, his owner et cetera. No one knows the real story, but after the 'Red Dog's success, seems they were desperate for the one more shot, hence this fictional account was born.

Not as good as the first. In fact, no way anywhere near to that. All they did was to add all the possible ingredients to it to make it appeal everybody. So basically it looks like another 'Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove'. With enough comedies, adventures, one Chinese guy, aboriginal legend, storm and obviously the sentiments that strike at the right time.

From the same director and the writer, but not the dog. The original award winning dog, Koko, for the role Red had died after a year later the film got released. After hearing that, I got emotional as same as the film he had starred in. That was one of the best dog films ever and one of the best tearjerker as well. Then I wanted to see this one too, but I had knew it won't surpass the original. So I had to keep my expectations low for it.

This new guy called Phoenix was as good as Koko, but his role had a lesser scope. The effort/dedication/performance was the same, which is highly appreciable. Besides, he was very adorable. In fact, I felt hurt whenever he run alongside the motorbike. It might be natural, but I thought it was inhumane. I believe it was the multiple shots, not a single run. Coming to the story, it was told from a boy's perspective, his relation with the Red, but the original name was Blue.

❝True blackness has a power all of its own. It doesn't just swallow light. It's like it swallows your soul.❞

I did not like the opening scene. I thought it was very ordinary. So I guessed it's going to be a terrible film. But it did not take long to get back to the point. Once the flashback had started, it looked a different film. The entire narration was a recall. More a bedtime story. A father reveals to his son about the dog he'd lived with when he was at his age in the rural Australia in his grandfather's place. How he had found the dog and grew together, their friendship, mischiefs and other adventures. Then what happened later between them, all his life events with the Blue was told.

As I said, the screenplay was average, but the performances saved the film. The boy, the dog and all the co-stars were very good. The locations were even better. Just like the previous film, it was an ideal setting. The overall film was enjoyable, but the ending was very emotional. Having seen the first, anybody would have an idea what might come at the end, but not knowing how. I thought the same, but was not expecting the sentiments. The film ended with high. It also closed at where the original film had started, to make a perfect flow.

One thing I did not get was the unnecessary supernatural events. Yeah, I know the story sets in the Pilbara region, hence borrowed some local legend to stretch the storyline. But with the wildfire scene, it leans too much on that concept, making to slip away from the actual focus of the film. More than that, the film never clearly explained that segment.

Now the real question is the story of Red/Blue ends here or can be expected more drag with a prequel and a sequel. First of all, I am not very happy with the fictional account. For that reason alone, it is not a must see. Because it could mislead the original film's die hard fans. So they should have given the statement at the opening that it was not based on the real. Other than that, it is a decent film in the 'Red Dog' series. Finally, I would say, it is a good film, but not the best.


Reviewed by philipmccombie 10 / 10

Better than the original.

I felt the first movie was over-rated, or perhaps I just don't like a smelly dog being the center of the movie. In True Blue, the kid Mick Carter played by Levi Miller is the center of the movie, not the dog. I must prefer people to dogs, and Levi Miller is most amicable. The movie had a sub plot for me being the transient nature of youth. The opening scenes show a mature age Michael Carter (played by Jason Isaacs) reflecting on his youth and being sent to his grandfather property in the Pilbara. The closing credits feature the mature age Michael Carter again, with his sons & wife playing with a newly purchased pup. Therefore when we see Levi Miller in the movie, it is just a point in time, a memory, a pleasant memory at that.

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