Red Dawn


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 12%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 66561


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Josh Hutcherson as Robert Kitner
Chris Hemsworth as Jed Eckert
Adrianne Palicki as Toni Walsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevemiller200 1 / 10

not the best remake - maybe the worst

This is pretty much the original without the subtleness, the top-notch acting of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, and the fantastic dialogue.

Reviewed by PavlicT 7 / 10

Actually... I enjoy it!

I really don't like a lot of movies... But I am realizing that it's not that I hate every movie, I just don't go with the flow.

Take this movie, for example. I found it quite enjoyable! The story does not make any sense? Yes, this is true. But this is the starting point, not the goal. That a bunch of teens becomes trained marines overnight is not realistic? That is very true; but this could be said for more or less all the movies in this genre.

What I liked in this movie is that people died! I am sick and tired to see all this war movies where: if you are the hero - you are bullet proof. OK, you get beaten a lot, but you are invincible. I hate it. Where bullets are flying around and bombs explode, you are gonna get killed. Even if you are a good looking champ.

And furthermore, not all happy ending have to be perfect! Not all ending have to be happy, if I might add. Here, at least, there is no magic button or miracle solution, that makes all bad go away.

It is not a realistic movie. Far from it. But at least it feels a bit different and that's what I enjoyed.

Reviewed by adelaidamedrano 9 / 10

Great Action, Good Storyline

Excellent overall. Cast is great. If I had let myself be influenced by negative reviews on this film I would of missed out on what non-fiction is about (enjoying make believe). I read the acting was not good and I though compared to what because Chris Hemsworth is not only a pleasure to watch but believable. Josh Peck, I didn't recognize from Drake and Josh TV series, it was good to see a different side of him and he was great here too. I can only speak for myself I'd watch a sequel.

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