Red Dawn


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by plantostickthat 3 / 10


Looking over previous reviews it's obvious that this film has generated a large degree of debate. Most people argue that your view of the film will be tainted by your political philosophy (are you a red-blooded American who would give your life to defend the values of your country, or a cowardly tree hugger in denial about the imminent Cubo-Russian assault?)

Well, as neither of those (Cubans and Russians teaming up to invade a hick town is completely believable, yeah?), I hope to be able to give a somewhat balanced review of the film, and the fact is, it is terrible.

The main problem with the film is that it just seems like a bunch of scenes thrown together rather than sequence of events leading to a climax and resolution. There is almost no characterisation apart from a few throwaway lines near the start of the movie, and the action starts about 1 minute in to the movie. If alarm bells are ringing, good. It's really hard to care about what happens to someone when you haven't even caught their name. Compounding this problem is the woeful acting - the acting is often so wooden I caught myself laughing out loud several times.

And as previously mentioned, there is no context to the majority of the movie. It's just a lot of scenes of our heroes killing commies in the woods / attacking enemy bases. This is what absolutely killed it for me - most of the time you don't know who they are attacking, what purpose it serves, what they are trying to achieve, what the desired outcome is etc etc. This makes it mind numbing to watch - it's almost like watching stock footage of a war where you don't know which side is which. I understand that this might be the situation they are placed in, where they don't know how long they will be fighting for and so on, but it certainly does not make for good cinema when you have no reason to care about the outcome of the battles they engage in. I guess what I'm saying is that there's no progression throughout the movie - it would be entirely feasible to cut and paste 80% of the movie into a different order and it would have no bearing whatsoever on the plot.

Perhaps the most ironic part of the movie is that the only person to show mercy is one of the Communists. It hardly makes you feel for the "Good Guys" when they kill people in cold blood throughout the movie yet the "Bad Guy" is the only one big enough to let a wounded enemy walk away. Actually that's not true, the most ironic part of the movie would have to be the moustaches which all the commies have, but that's another story....

I guess the one thing that saves it for me is that not all of our "heroes" live - it would have received one star had it been a complete feel good walkover, and it's a measure of restraint which the movie could have used a lot more of.

So, if you're a red blooded American whose eyes brim with tears every time you hear your national anthem then by all means see this movie as you'll probably enjoy it. That doesn't mean it's a good movie though.

Reviewed by aaronrt-88309 9 / 10

Right Smack dab in the middle of World War 3

What I like about this movie is it shows A different outcome then most Cold War going Hot movies, and I would like to compare this to another movie made in the 80s, and I was not around during the Intense times, so I may not know what I am talking about, but their is this other movie called The Day After which was made A year before Red Dawn, and of course in that everyone gets Nuked and Humanity is on the brink of death, now in Red Dawn, as A part in the movie explains how nukes were still used, but not enough to destroy the world, limited exchange, and I think that makes for A better WW3 movie, yeah it probably would have not gone down that way during those times, but massive use of Nukes is the cowards way out, and in this movie, it shows pretty well how people dragged into Conventional Conflicts are feeling and the morale in society during times of War and occupation from a foreign enemy, and I like how it showed how even the invaders, at least some of them were feeling the effects of A War, You should just watch to see what I'm talking about. really good show

Reviewed by SM Jefferies 1 / 10

Fear mongering propaganda

On the surface this seems like a great action film about a group of teens who are forced to save themselves and their loved ones. At it's core though this film is fear mongering propaganda to scare people into believing the US is weak and the only solution is to arm yourself and beware of foreigners. It's message is subtle but clear once you break down all of the details. The film begins by stating that the US has become weak and isolated because of it's ties with NATO (foreign socialists took handouts from America and bled us dry). Mexico becomes a communist nation (Build That Wall!!!). The US is invaded by Soviets & Cubans (dirty commies and Hispanics). The first casualty is a teacher who also happens to be the only black person in the film (educated liberal). The teacher is killed when he tries talking to the invaders (that's what you get for negotiating with the enemy). The invaders find a list of gun sales and use it to track down and arrest people (a gun registry is just a way of hunting down and persecuting gun owners). The town mayor collaborates with the enemy (you can't trust the government). A downed US pilot reveals the invaders came through Mexico and Alaska (told you we should have built that wall and didn't a VP nominee tell us she could see Russia from her house?). In the end the enemy is defeated and America is saved but that was never the point of the film. It's real purpose was to convince us that foreigners are bad, liberal policies are dangerous, guns should never be registered and you can't trust the government. It's message is loud and clear.

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