Red Billabong


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8%
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Tim Pocock as Tristan
Dan Ewing as Nick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

Where's the final girl?

Clyde Marshall (Col Elliott) is a crypto-zoologist who dies in the first scene looking for the Bunyip. The Bunyip is the Aussie Bigfoot who is part crocodile in how it gathers and stores its prey. Tristan (Tim Pocock) and his older brother Nick (Dan Ewing) inherit the land and have a hefty offer for it. A party is thrown at Tristan's place in the woods and the Bunyip is aroused.

The production was too long. It takes an hour to set up the story and character was not that well established. Nick had a relationship with Anya (Sophie Don) and his leaving her was not made believable. In fact Nick made a moody protagonist who was at times as unlikable as BJ (Ben Chisholm) who we know is a drug dealing "d**k". The whole clandestine stuff could have been done better. The film was made for a teen crowd. It had that second rate made-for-TV quality to it. After an hour the action picked up and improved. We got to see the creature.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity. Jessica Green provides bikini eye candy.

Reviewed by aw1963 8 / 10

Doesn't deserve the bad reviews

This movie really doesn't deserve the bad reviews it has received and I wonder at the motives behind some of them. The movie is a well paced,sometimes humorous,monster flick,made in a typically Aussie way. Some good performances,by Aussie actors and incorporating some aboriginal lore,makes for a fun monster movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. The cgi could have been better,particularly in the monster fight scene with the aboriginal elder,but it wasn't something that bothered me too much as the monster was pretty cool. All in all I found it much better than a lot,and I mean a lot,of American made monster movies.I would watch this again just because it is a fun movie. Aussie horror is coming of age,I just wish there was more of it.

Reviewed by herodotus2007 1 / 10


What begins as a promising premise, and remains so is immediately hampered by Dan Ewing and Tom Pockock's meeting. These ex-"Neighbours/ Home & Away" actors, and I use the term 'actor' loosely, undo any hint at danger in this dreadfully written script. The photography is good, the music quite good, but the 'acting' is absolutely appalling. Seriously, these guys and gals need to take some acting lessons or better still, spend some time on stage in the theater where actors learn how to act, not just pose for the camera. If they are graduates of established drama schools like NIDA or WAPA, then these schools have failed and should be treated as "Soapies feed factories. They sure as Hell don't teach acting skills. Dreadful script predictable to the end; characters so 2D they don't need to open their mouths; acting - just appallingly bad. what an abysmal entry that could have been so much more. Alas, it is a SyFy Channel movie transplanted to Australia at best. To think Dan Ewing is considered "an up and coming star". If he is, we're in trouble. He cannot, I repeat cannot act to save himself....or indeed this film.

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