Rebel Without a Cause


Action / Drama

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Natalie Wood as Judy
James Dean as Jim Stark
William Hopper as Judy's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 8 / 10

impassioned and involving

This is a fine example of good solid film making with controlled visuals and an exemplary case of allowing actors to act, even reputedly in James dean's case, allowing the actor to direct other actors. This does not have the thrilling aspects of say, In A Lonely Place or On Dangerous Ground but then it is not a noir. No this is a teen melodrama that succeeds in being rather more. Whether this is in dealing more believably with teen and parental relationships or edging into non heterosexual areas, Nicholas Ray is clearly in full control and happy to allow his actors to seemingly go off piste, if I may use that analogy. Dean is allowed much space here and rewards his director with a majestic performance that even watched today has power and a reach that amazes. If Natalie Wood seems to struggle a little, this is probably by way of comparison and the fact that she is so young herself. A good story, simple enough, the whole film portrays only a single day, but impassioned and involving.

Reviewed by spiritof67 9 / 10

A Hallmark Film About Adolescence

I'm not going to get into a lot of long-winded junk about James Dean, who here established a new genre of young American outliers. I also am not going to try to get people who have only seen this movie on a TV screen to understand that they have actually never seen this movie.

When I saw this movie I was a kid who had moved around a lot, had gone to schools where I didn't know the kids or the lore, where nobody was around to show me the ropes or make friends. The fact that I was much younger than Jim didn't affect me - this movie reached me in a way II had never before experienced.

It is the single most emotional film about teenagers or adolescents made in its era and it was more than a decade before anyone truly did a better job. And anyone who wants to throw this off on a pity-ticket because Dean died is a fool - it was just that much more effective BECAUSE he had died. But then again, maybe you've only seen a DVD on your TV, won't get it. A lot of adolescents, teenagers and adults did. And still do.

Reviewed by Wuchak 7 / 10

Iconic mid-50's teen angst with James Dean, Natalie Wood & Sal Mineo

Released in 1955, "Rebel without a Cause" is a youth drama about a troubled teen, Jim Stark (James Dean), a new kid on the block in Los Angeles, where he meets other confused mid-50's youths, e.g. Judy (Natalie Wood) and Plato (Sal Mineo). Corey Allen plays Jim's rival, Buzz, while Jim Backus & Ann Doran appear as Jim's parents. Dennis Hopper and Nick Adams are on hand as other juvenile delinquents.

In real life the three protagonists would all die prematurely: Dean one month before the film was released (24 years-old), Natalie in 1981 (43 years old) and Mineo in 1976 (37 years-old). While Dean was 24 during filming, both Natalie and Mineo were actually teenagers, 17 and 16 respectively. This was particularly amazing for the former, as she comes across seasoned, although obviously youthful.

The movie's iconic and seminal, but other teen angst movies predated it, like Brando's "The Wild One," which debuted 20 months before "Rebel." Yet "The Wild One" is lame by comparison. While Brando is almost always great, "Rebel" is less eye-rolling than "The Wild One" and more dramatically engaging, not to mention psychologically interesting. A compelling knife fight pulls the viewer in early on, which culminates with the tragic "chickie run" sequence. Unfortunately, the movie is overly talky with too much filler; it could've been tightened up by cutting like 20-25 minutes.

Writer/director Nicholas Ray interestingly never shows teachers or school faculty, which shows that they're negligible as influences for the confused youths. Notice how the astronomer at the Observatory drones on in a boring monotone. He bleakly insists that life on earth is meaningless in the grand scope of the universe, which ironically is meaningless to the teens, each of whom is the center of the universe, as far as they're concerned. Only their parents, peers and police hold sway in their worlds. The sole adult to really understand them is Officer Ray, clearly named after the writer/director.

One presumptuous critic argued that Plato (Mineo) was a homosexual on the grounds that he "caresses" Jim's shoulder in the Observatory and later invites him to his house where they'd be alone, but Plato's interest in Jim is obviously simply hero worship as Plato looks for a worthy father figure to pattern his life, which Jim literally becomes in the charade with Judy at the deserted mansion (notice how Plato has no problem with Judy's presence). Basically, Plato is to Jim what Barney Rubble was to Fred Flintstone. The "caress" is merely a tap on the shoulder and the fact that it was misinterpreted by this critic informs you about his own dubious sexuality. Mineo's later confessed bisexuality is irrelevant to the topic.

While Dean lacks the intense charisma of Brando, he's inimitable, enigmatic and somewhat interesting. His character, Jim, is surprisingly NOT one-dimensional. Too bad he died so young (breaking his neck in an auto accident).

The picture runs 111 minutes and was shot in Los Angeles & the surrounding areas (Burbank Studios, Santa Monica High School & Calabasas). ADDITIONAL WRITERS: Stewart Stern & Irving Shulman. ADDITIONAL CAST: Marietta Canty appears as Plato's loving black guardian while William Hopper & Rochelle Hudson are on hand as Judy's parents.


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