Reasonable Doubt


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 16480


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Samuel L. Jackson as Clinton Davis
Dominic Cooper as Mitch Brockden
Erin Karpluk as Rachel Brockden
Gloria Reuben as Det. Blake Kanon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

less than thriller

Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper) hopes to get a promotion at the DA office in Chicago. He's on his way home after a night celebrating with his buddies when he hits a pedestrian. Fearing a DUI, he leaves the scene of the crime. Next morning, Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson) is found with the body and arrested. Det. Blake Kanon (Gloria Reuben) is the investigator. Mitch volunteers to take the case.

This is set up for a Hitchcockian thriller even if it's somewhat derivative. The not guilty verdict midway through the movie hits with a thud. The tension is drained. Some of the dialog is tiresome and frustrating. The business card seems to be an ace in the hole that Clinton would play a lot sooner during the trial. There are lots of little inconsistencies which add up to a less than stellar thriller. The big setup is full of conveniences. This should be Hitchcockian but there are always nagging annoyances.

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 1 / 10

An upsetting motion picture.

This is another one of those rare thrillers that slipped through the cracks, and for good reason, the plot is horrible and too upsetting, to base a movie plot off of someone leaving another person to die alone in the middle of the street is vile, it's an awful basis for a story line, the writers, director, actors e.c.t must have lost their minds to want to make and participate in a movie that is so inhumane, regardless if the guy left for dead is a bad guy it's just more and more evil piling on top of each other and it doesn't stop, this is not a decent thriller, the dreadful plot outweighs any good acting this flick has, thrillers can be dark - but not this dark because they just become non-enjoyable, i recommend another film that has a similar title but has a completely different plot "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" remake.

Reviewed by scottjtepper 1 / 10

Unlikable characters, preposterous plot and a director who used a pseudonym

The three main characters are a serial murderer, a corrupt DA and the DA's paroled unofficial step brother who's also become a perjurer to help the corrupt DA in his pursuit for "justice."

What's not to like?

Pretty much everything. The plot is preposterous with the DA embarking essentially on a life of crime. Of course the courtroom scenes take place only moments after the crime occurs. Basically, you get arrested and the next day you are in court, before a jury, being tried for that crime. Yeah. That's how it always happens. (The baby in the film, played by a lifeless doll, never ages.) Setting aside the courtroom scenes, the DA goes from drunk driving and felony hit and run to breaking and entering on at least two occasions. One of them being the least guarded police facility in the known universe. Yeah, believable. And what was the DA going to do with the evidence he illegally uncovered at the serial murderer's place? But there was a full time cinematographer so that must be good, right? Nope. The film was shot in bleak Winnipeg, which is supposed to be a stand in for Chicago. That doesn't work either.

Two reasons why you won't want to waste your time. First, I read that the film sat in the can for 2 years while the producers tried to figure out how to release it. Was it released so that the investors wouldn't sue them? I don't know. Second, the director was so proud of this film that he made sure his name wasn't used in the 11 minute credit roll. Well, at least the director wasn't Alan Smithee and the star of the film George Spelvin.

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