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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 7 / 10

The King Kong of giant killer pig movies!

If you watch one giant killer pig movie, make it Razorback! Directed by Russell Mulcahy (director of "Highlander" and just about every early 80s music video you can remember ["Rio", "True", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "I'm Still Standing", etc...]), this minor Ozploitation classic has a vicious wild boar wreaking havoc upon a small community in the Australian outback. At first, no one believes that a giant pig is behind the deaths and mayhem, but the community slowly begins to discover the truth and are forced to deal with this angel of death in the form of a massive animatronic killer pig (well, it's supposed to be a live pig, but it's portrayed by a sweet looking giant pig puppet). This film is, of course, complete nonsense, but it's wildly fun nonsense. "Jaws" is the pinnacle of this sort of nature-gone-wild type of film, and "Razorback" is nowhere in that same league, but I'd argue that it's a minor classic on the level of "Piranha" or "Alligator." The films stars Gregory Harrison of "Trapper John, M.D." fame and was shot by Oscar winning cinematographer Dean Semler, so it's a quality made exploitation film. Overall, "Razorback" will absolutely entertain fans of these sorts of films (meaning if a giant killer pig running amok does not sound like a quality film premise, "Razorback" is probably not for you).

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

functional Ozploitation

In the Australian outbacks, Jake Cullen (Bill Kerr) is on trial for the murder of his two year old grandson. He claims an attack by a rampaging razorback. He is acquitted but becomes an outcast. Two years later, NY reporter Beth Winters travels to Australia to report on kangaroos being slaughtered for pet food. Her investigation leads to a confrontation which ends with her death by the razorback. Her husband Carl (Gregory Harrison) follows her footsteps to search for the truth.

This is in the long line of Ozploitation films. It's got a bit of Mad Max. The pig is kept out of sight for the most part which draws comparison to Jaws. It's nowhere near as effective. The acting is par for the course. Part of that is Harrison leading the movie after 30 minutes. After following various characters, he struggles to take the lead. It would be simpler to start the movie with Beth's investigating and jump to Carl quicker. Jake can be introduced later as a mysterious Captain Ahab. The introduction of love interest Sarah Cameron does clash with his search for justice for his wife. Try as they may, the pre-CGI razorback has great limitations. This is a functional B-movie at best.

Reviewed by milosprole9 9 / 10

Really enjoyable Australian horror film!

I just watched Australian film called Razorback (1984) and I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching this movie. The opening scene is one of the most beautifully shot scenes in the 80's. The cinematography is all that truly remarkable and the editing is excellent. It's like Jaws, but with a giant killer pig. If they ever re-make to this movie, they will obviously use a CGI wild boar. In the fact that model razorback was built at a cost of $250 thousand and is seen for only a few minutes, but the movie still made me interesting watching to the end. This was pretty awesome Australian film and great entertainment with some breathtaking photography. I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10.

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