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Bokeem Woodbine as Fathead Newman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chaswe-28402 6 / 10

Memorable songs, but that's about it

As presented in this biopic, Ray had a personality that fell well short of merit and likability; even after making allowance for the short straws he was handed from childhood. Some people's character is improved by suffering. Evidently not Ray's. Another reviewer describes him as a drug using, cheating, greedy man who happened to have a great voice. There's obviously more to it, but on balance the picture presented here is not exactly pretty. It is possible, perhaps, that Ray was punishing himself, or suffering from a perverse kind of guilt, for not having saved his little brother from drowning. Perhaps he felt he'd paid for it by going blind. Who can tell ? In any biography the truth gets lost in the past and the re-telling, like tears in rain. I'm not inclined to re-watch this account. The actor did a good job.

Reviewed by jeffybay 7 / 10

A peerless performance in a decent biopic

Jamie Foxx deserves every drop of praise that he has received for this film. His performance goes beyond impersonation or embodiment, he simply becomes Ray Charles. It is such an amazing performance, that it serves to shine a light on some of the film's shortcomings. This is a largely by-the-numbers biopic that hits all the familiar beats -- drug abuse, family drama, breakout performances -- but Foxx elevates every moment of it.

Reviewed by ecerkas 9 / 10

Beautiful movie

Story presented in the movie Ray was extremely mesmerizing and beautiful. The soundtrack was the only and one as Ray Charles music is. As I realize that movie was created in 2004 and such an unbelievable quality in cinematography that just fascinate me. It is always cool to remember such the artist after Ray left this World 13 years ago.

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