Raw Force


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror

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Cameron Mitchell as Capt. Harry Dodds
Camille Keaton as Girl In Toilet
Jewel Shepard as Drunk Sexpot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

The dead is no joke

A cruise shipped owned by Hazel Buck (Hope Holiday) and commanded by Harry Dodds (Cameron Mitchell) visits Hong Kong and the passengers want to visit the forbidden Warrior's Island. Warrior's Island in inhabited by bizarre monks (lead by Vic Diaz) who can raise the dead, but need pretty naked women. Their supply of women comes from a man with a German accent and a Hitler mustache.

Cameron gives us a fine academy performance as a ship's captain, fire fighter, zombie hunter, bar fighter, and admirer of the female form. Unfortunately the cast around him, may have cheated him from another nomination with their horrible performances. Imagine Kinsley getting an award for that Gandhi thing, while Mitchell was killing zombies and reciting lines like "I have to see a man about a horse" and made us feel them.

The dead don't really become part of the film until 14 minutes from the end. They have their own slow motion swagger music until they have to Kung-Fu fight with a woman policeman (Jillian Kesner).

The VHS to DVD transfer was a joke. My DVD had visible tracking adjustment lines from time to time. Not just small ones either. Much of the movie takes place on the love boat undressing the women, something that would have been better scripted feeding them to the zombies.

What the film does have is ample nudity with just about all the women except the two top stars, doffing their tops for one reason or another.

6 stars for the camp value and nudity. "Raw Force" and "King-Fu Cannibals" are the same film. I imagined they changed the title because "Kung-Fu Cannibals" was too much of a plot spoiler for the Cameron Mitchell's sophisticated following.

Reviewed by Bodo 6 / 10

Thoroughly entertaining B-movie with nonstop action

RAW FORCE was way more fun than I expected. It's darn campy, featuring ninja zombies, piranhas, cannibalistic monks and jade-dealing Nazis. This movie is also sometimes known as KUNG FU CANNIBALS ... which should tell you everything!

The plot is "simple": A group of kung fu aficionados is on a journey to a haunted island where the spirits of forsaken martial arts fighters are said to live. On their journey, the cruise is intercepted by a Hitleresque crime lord and his fellows. The nazi gang trades prostitutes for jade with the flesh-eating monks of the island, and neither monks nor Nazis wants their scheme to be tampered with by some kung-fu-loving tourists...

This short plot summary should say it all. You're not watching RAW FORCE for hoity-toity drama and high quality cinematography and plot development, but for its nonstop action and camp. What I really liked about the movie is that in contrast to some other B-movies, its pace never lets you down. The action is nonstop but not in a way that gets you bored. And you care for the characters just enough to watch this movie till the end. Definitely one of the more fun B-movies, although the gore factor could be amped up. Overall quite enjoyable, especially when with friends.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

A hilariously bad but highly entertaining trash classic.

Unscrupulous jade dealers (led by a German Hitler look-alike) abduct young women and take them to Warriors' Island, where the unfortunate prisoners are sold to extremely happy cannibalistic monks who operate a jade mine. By consuming the flesh of the captive women, the monks are able to resurrect the dead bodies of disgraced martial artists.

When a pleasure cruise sets sail for the island, its passengers including several karate experts keen to see the sights, the jade dealers decide to attack the boat and kill everyone on board. After a furious battle, the craft is set on fire, forcing the remaining passengers and crew to abandon ship in a life raft. No prizes for guessing that they wash up on the shores of Warriors' Island where they encounter the jade dealers, the monks, and their zombies.

Pure exploitation trash from start to finish, Raw Force is a cheap and cheesy martial arts horror movie that features equal amounts of ineptly choreographed bad-assery and extremely gratuitous female nudity. It's technically shoddy in most departments, but director Edward D. Murphy packs his film's 86 minutes with so much absurdity that its very hard not to enjoy.

Cameron Mitchell slums it as the ship's captain, Filipino exploitation regular Vic Diaz plays the leader of the cannibal monks, and I Spit On Your Grave actress Camille Keaton has a pointless (but welcome) cameo as a topless woman trying to have sex in a bathroom. Laughable chop socky aside, the plentiful violence includes samurai sword impalement, a hilarious zombie decapitation, an axe death, a drowning in a toilet bowl, and a piranha attack.

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