Raven's Touch


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Kathe Mazur as Betty
Dreya Weber as Raven
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Edmund Bloxam 4 / 10

Everything apart from the plot was...convincing enough...much can be forgiven

The acting, the characters, the setting, the pie. Convincing, pleasant.

Don't scratch under the surface of the plot too much. Like when we find out how the little girl died (that's hardly a spoiler-it's in practically the first scene). It would have been best to leave this detail out, because it is a throwaway line and people being shot is hardly a throwaway thing. Another example is the lunatic Other Mother. The pleading phone call at the beginning of the movie was all we needed--I got it all straightaway. (One black kid and one Asian kid are 'the children'-a little heavy-handed on the minority inclusion-it was like using their skin colour as a way to quickly convey a plot point). Her character was one dimensional and scary. It would have been better to leave her in the descriptions her ex-lover gave. Instead we were offered a poorly-developed cardboard cut-out. There was not enough set up before the sex scene. They'd barely met and the putting-ointment-on bit too obvious. The scene felt mandatory rather than natural. Any time later would have sufficed. It felt, like any other time a plot point was introduced, as forced melodrama.

Which was a pity, because this movie had a heart and a cast that hung their characters out comfortably in a beautiful setting. And, as the film is not especially long, this quibbles can largely be ignored. Let the director sing you a song, even if it is slightly off-key.

Reviewed by Paul Rees 7 / 10

A different film to the one described here

It's nothing to do with a boy and facebook; it's a lesbian love story... how did that description get applied and stick? It's mainly set outdoors and the internet, let alone Facebook, doesn't feature.

Raven, a wild woman of the woods has encounter with family camping and is hostile at first, but a friendship develops and we find out she is grieving the loss of her niece. She teaches the family a few basic survival skills and their respect for her grows. We're introduced to Joe, a caring older guy who understands Raven and they make sweet country music, living quietly in the woods. Kate, the mother of the children Maya and Jack meets up with Raven at her cabin and they embrace and kiss. No words are spoken. The mysterious Angela watches the family from afar and gets Maya and Jack into her car, to take them into town but an argument ensues and the children jump out at Highway 22 and run off into the woods. Angela finds Kate and tells her what happened. Meanwhile, Maya stumbles and hurts herself. Kate runs to Raven's cabin and tells her Maya and Jack are lost in the woods. Raven knows the woods like the back of her hand and can work out the most likely route Maya and Jack will have taken. Will she save them? Well acted, thoughtful film.

Reviewed by earthboli 1 / 10

The title should be enough to scare you away...

I'm not sure why 9 out of 10 lesbian films are poorly acted, super low budget, and with terrible scripts, but this movie is no departure, unfortunately.


Plot: A woman named Raven who dresses like she's been shopping at H&M but whose movements are stilted like a lizard and climbs trees finds a woman with very defined eyebrows (Kate) and her teenage kids (shifting from bratty to sweet in the same scene) camping, and yells at them for having a fire. This leads to more interactions, odd and implausible injuries, a crazy ex who runs off with the kids, and a VERY sudden, awkward, and out-of-place sex scene between Lizard Woman and Eyebrows. I literally cringed because it didn't make any sense for the women to like each other and there was no buildup or chemistry. It was also one of those "let's be artistic and sensual and do close ups of touching skin and kisses on the body" (i.e. sexless/foreplay only sex scenes) but with women who had no interest in each other. Then a random guy dies, Lizard Woman saves the kids from crazy ex, and love ensues right after the random guy's funeral.

So....in short: bad acting, bad script, and just very odd overall. Terrible, terrible movie that was so unintentionally bad that I laughed at parts that were supposed to be touching and artistic. And so many unanswered questions, such as why would a woman who lived in a cabin and only away from "civilization" for one month walk and act like she'd been raised by wolves? Why is the small "town" that random guy mentions that is a few minutes away actually a large, residential area that looks suspiciously like an LA suburb? How would Eyebrows and Raven suddenly fall in love with each other ONE WEEK after Eyebrows just got out of a bad relationship with her crazy ex?

There are much higher quality movies with lesbian themes; please avoid this one like the plague.

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