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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jjp757 1 / 10

Awful movie, Don't waste your time watching

I'll say it now; Films should be engaging within the first 15 minutes at the max, this movies didn't even *slightly* engage till about half an hour in, then it just died again.

This could've definitely turned out to be a good film, and it seemed like it was too but its a disappointment. After seeing the trailer I expected a good horror and thriller movie to let people know to be wary of their technology, especially with a good actor like Ashley Benson. But this movie is just dry, completely dry.

Their idea for the movie was actually a very unique idea which COULD have had the potential to be great movie even if it was low budget, and the point of view and use of multiple cameras as phones and laptop cameras were creative, and the actors could act, the acting was good, but there's nothing to watch, its just conversation here and there, the main character doing some typical chore or at University, nothing actually happens, as you get into the movie there is a moment *far into the film already* where you start to think its getting engaging and you're expecting a jumpscare, but want to guess what happens? Nothing. Vlogs have more action than this, It was difficult for me not to click off and watch something else, I was practically forcing myself to finish this, It was incredibly boring.

The end just completely murders everything you were waiting for, why? Because there is no ending at all and honestly the fact that it was a low budget movie has no excuse, I couldn't have cared less if she died, or found out or survived or became a hitman whatever, but just the fact that there was no ending was horrible.

In short words this film is; Boring, dull, awfully dry and had nothing to be watching for. I do not recommend this movie at all.

Reviewed by dcwebman 1 / 10

Oh, so bad!

I haven't done a movie review in years, but this one was so bad, I have to warn everybody. The plot sounded good because I love these "what would I do if I was in this situation" movies.

I can handle the horrible video throughout most of the movie understanding it was from the stalker's point of view. But you can't end a movie just to end it. The viewer is left with questions like who, why, how, and that just ruins the whole experience. What was going to possibly be a rating of 5 immediately dropped to a 1 rating. I just lost 1 hour and 20 minutes of my life that I will never get back again. :(

Reviewed by lendrumjordan 3 / 10

The ending sucked!

how the hell do they have the guy come in and "kidnap/kill" her and have it end without us knowing if the chick lives or dies? i want answers! It was a great movie movie up until the part where he comes in and she is caught and he attacks her... why did the cat die? and what happened to Michael? he just disappeared! it was not okay! I WANT ANSWERS..

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