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John Ratzenberger as Mustafa
Janeane Garofalo as Colette
Peter Sohn as Emile
Will Arnett as Horst
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by milicko-mijatovic 10 / 10

Story about illegal imigrant

In Center of the story is conflict between right winged father and liberal son. Possibly gypsies, They survive an exodus, and Remy uses the raft, and choose a Left side on his journey (in the pipes) He carries only his knowledge , a book, but unfortunatelly he is illiterate. He became antihero, a rebel with actions against the law, While he is illegaly working for some low life Entrepreneur , on black market, under fictional company, the hat, paying a recket, to members of his kind, and constantly receive a message that he will not find friends in western world. He kidnap a person, stealing the documents, obstruct a goverment official, and he invites rats in the kitchen. The system stries back, but there is an opprtunity for everybody to show some skills and for investers.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 9 / 10

Most Original And Daring Animation Of The Digital Age

Movie Review: "Ratatouille" (2007)

This digital animated feature marks an all-time highlight at Pixar Animation Studios; a library of total 19 movies as of December 31st 2017, where "Ratatouille" directed Brad Bird, known for the highly successful Pixar Action Movie "The Incredibles" (2004), had been also the very first release of Pixar film presented by Walt Disney Pictures after the animation company's take-over in year of 2006.

The visuals are explicitly designed as fluently animated in a non-motion-capture utilizing production workflow of certified-hundred-percent animation artwork from the very first pencil storyboard sketches to digital screens of a Pixar work station in Emeryville, California, where a vast amount of dedicated employees within this 150 Million Dollar major Hollywood production machinery. Disney's trademark goods are fully deliverd from originality with an all-cleaned up blue-grey-clolred rat, called charmingly Remy, accompanied with its punch-line-spreading family members, all up front the character of Skinner, vocally portrayed by actor Ian Holm, who gets convinced to let Remy becoming the best cook in town over creativity by using a kitchen boy's body over pulling his red hair to cook in all-rewarding soup of taste for five-star restaurant guests in a well-researched City of Paris side-alley locations to jaw-dropping moments of truth with the character of Anton Ego, a Parisian restaurant critic of life-or-death bringing proportions, sophisticatly given voice by a fine vocal performance through actor Peter O'Toole (1932-2013), when human emotions strike by the minute with rural grandma shot-gunning the family of rats back into sewers, before Remy rises again from desolation with dreamy voices of late 3-star-chef Gusteau in his head, with destinctively vocals by voice actor Brad Garrett, to bring happiness for a suspenseful as obstacle-filled plot of the contineous wish of a Disney's movie main character's fullfillment of dreams as thrilling exposure of falsly-contracted restaurant owners to share non-stop surprises as twists in the most accomplished Pixar screenplay also-written by Director Brad Bird, based on story pitches of screenwriters Jan Pinkava and Jim Copabianco, who had been part of a 17-head-strong brainstorm group of writers at Walt Disney Pictures in the 1990s of the still superior live-drawn wildlife animation-movie "The Lion King" (1994).

The spectre, who seeks a best of cinema occasion in the purest sense and does not shy away from at times all-too-polished looking digital animation work will have the time of life with movie moments that stay in mind long after the theater curtain drops.

© 2018 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

Reviewed by Ramneek Suri 10 / 10


This film (along with Monsters Inc and toy story 2) occupies a special place in the Pixar filmography for me. I find these three films the equal of any of Ghibli's masterpieces. Superbly paced with a great central character, an outstanding villain and a sophisticated script, it's hard to find anyone finding fault with it. And it's also arguably the greatest 'food' movie ever made. Not to mention one of the finest depictions of an artist on screen.

One of the all time great movies.


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