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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackmeat 3 / 10

Not horror, oh, and not good

My quick rating - 3,4/10. Well that was just plain dumb. Good points? OK, that is done, bad points? Horrible acting, the lead does nothing, literally. I read he is a pretentious a-hole and I believe it. The story is stupid and MIGHT be trying to push a "Don't do drugs" meaning, but if so, it failed. Every stereotype is glorified for no reason, and the only reason I can think this is horror (aside from wanting to dig out my own eyeballs) is the supposed plot of a kid may or may not be killing people at random throughout the movie. Oh, for good measure, he also may or may not be possessed by some dude that is trying to escape hell. Anyway, you get the point. Tell the Jerky Boys (if you know who they are) to stick with prank phone calls and leave movie making alone.

Reviewed by xmachinex 10 / 10

Weird,but interesting

Although I found this flick not exactly in the horror or hip hop genre,the fact that it wasn't the typical fare you normally see for this kind of straight to DVD movie. Was it amazing? Not really. Was it weird and interesting? It sure was. Can I recommend it? Depends on the person,but it has a mind-game quality that I personally enjoy. Robert Oppel,who stars as Rapturious,isn't exactly the kind of personality you root for (he can act,but has a somewhat unlikeable persona)does well,as well as Debbie Rochon (who plays his manager),but the real star in my opinion is Rapturious' drug dealer Hoya Guerra (from the rock group Madball) He steals the scenes being an obnoxious,bugged out homey. Also,director Kamal Ahmed's demented visuals round out this interesting indie.

Reviewed by D-Sligar 1 / 10

More like cRapturious... boring, dull, and lifeless

Let's see where to begin... bad acting; I'm not sure if I'd even call it that, as it more along the lines of a no-effort script read. The actors didn't even seem to be into their parts and seemed quite lifeless and listless. Sure there was a scene or two with nudity, but that couldn't save this movie from it's lifeless characters.

To call the main character a rapper is an insult to the people who actually do. The lyrics had no rhythm or flow and seemed more along the lines of senseless rants.

Budget? Did this movie even have a budget? It seemed like they used less money than I've seen in a home-shot YouTube video. Bad lighting, props, poor sound post production. Bad special effects, if you want to go so far as to call them that. Story could have been good if the people actually seemed interested in making it so, but there was no life to this flick; I don't care who directed it.

I've seen some really bad flicks in the past year and this one is definitely at the very bottom. Don't waste your time or you'll be wishing you listened to this unbiased review. Check the ratings, you'll see the 1's are rapidly outpacing the fluffed 10's with hardly anything in between. Wish I would have looked a little closer before wasting my time. What a suck-fest!

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