Rambo III


Action / Adventure / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Kurtwood Smith as Griggs
Richard Crenna as Col. Samuel Trautman
Alon Aboutboul as Nissem
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Reviewed by cinemajesty 5 / 10

Action Of Life Definitions

Movie Review: "Rambo III" (1988)

This super-rich in terms of on-screen body-count-celebrating as Guinness-book-of-records enlisting action movie from the 1980s starring Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone directed by former cinematographer Peter MacDonald becomes the back-grounding war-torn emotions of an ex-U.S.-military Vietnam veteran "John Rambo", fighting his way out of the brawling, cash-betting pits of Thailand into an open war-zone of Russian-dominated Afghanistan to go on a rescue mission for his only friend, given face by in human-emotion-indulging actor Richard Crenna (1926-2003), beyond comprehension in favors of spiritually-settled, yet intriguingly-raging war-machine-like main character, healing himself with black powder and fire, when he must push up heavy weaponry up over the legendary explosive-projectile shooting bow to further artillery proportions in this unbelievable action-thrilling motion picture for a suggestive inflation-adjusted 125 Million U.S. Dollars in the today's world of 2018, here executive produced by 46-year-old Mario Kassar, known also for producing "Total Recall" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger directed by Paul Verhoeven in season 1989/1990; an exceptional event movie in motion picture history to ultra-atmospheric end-title-rolling 1980s song by Bill Medley "He Ain't Heavy, He Is My Brother."

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Reviewed by tinasheperd 1 / 10

One of the worst aciton movies ever

Rambo III in my opinion is one of the worst action films of the 80's that Stallone did. It is not a good movie. This movie falls short. I love the first two films and the fourth one to death. First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II are action classic movies favorites of mine. Rambo (2008) is my favorite and better than this movie. A lot of people love this one but hate the fourth movie and they put this movie over the fourth one I disagree. This movie is by far the worst one. I dislike it very much, it is not my couple of tea.

The third movie is way too slow it has slow action sequences. The pacing is slow. It takes 50 mins. in the movie before Rambo goes in to action. Rambo suppose to be one men army like he was in First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo but in here he has help. Why? That was stupid idea. Colonel Trautman and the Mujahedeen rebels helps Rambo fighting against the Russians. This movie is so unrealistic. I don't care about Mujahedeen, Afghanistan or those people I don't. It is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan. How many Russians soldiers did the Taliban killed in the real life? Russians did not killed 3.000 American life's in 9/11 but Al-Qaeda the Taliban Afghanistan people did. In the Thailand he was a hustler and he was fighting for money in the stick fighting. Seriously? The pacing is slow the action is slow. I like this movie less and less than I did before. Rambo has a new knife and he barely use it. Rambo is like in only one scene for 5 mins alone one men army but than not anymore when he saves Colonel Trautman and rebel prisoners.

Rambo shoots Kourov (Randy Raney) with a bow and arrow and Kourov takes a soldier for a shield instead they should have been blown to pieces both of them only one soldier was blown to pieces but Kourov survives and is burned up angry soldier now. Rambo was shot from a helicopter in the leg and he was still running around like a Terminator. Rambo and Colonel Trautman were surrounded by army soldiers and were under the fire both of them survived under siege by the Russians army that would have been impossible. In real life they would be both shot down and been death.

This movie has no Jungles and no woods like the first two and the fourth one had. The movie was shot in Israel and not Afghanistan.

I am huge Stallone fan I would rather watch First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II than this. Rambo, Demolition Man, Cliffhanger, Cobra, Over the Top, Lock Up, Tango & Cash, Cop Land, The Specialist, The Expendables all Rocky movies much better movies than this one in my opinion. Stallone did a good movies but this movie just isn't he's good one or my favorite. The plot and the story was stupid and bad idea. The acting was terrible, Rambo did not showed any emotions to me. This war was stupid. The action sequences are way too slow. The music score is boring and does not fit to the first two movies. This is Stallone's fault he blew it.

Rambo crashes with the tank in the helicopter and survives un realistic. The worst movie in the franchise and the weakest action movie 1/10.

Reviewed by 2karl- 7 / 10

his war he thought was over being retired that's out the question as his friend is kidnapped

He is back and and living by hand to mouth doing matches for money and living like a monk in Thailand. This film is 1hr 32mins long new BI gave it 7/10 . When John Rambo ex soldier refuses the request of his old platoon leader Colonel Trautman for a new mission. He carries on with his Buddhist life. However when his friend gets kidnapped by the soviets in Afghan border area. And the American government are unable take official action. Rambo decides to take action on his own with the help of some rebels. he goes on a rampage killing 115 mercinarys for hire. this the second most in Rambo's film . This film cost 63 million to make and made 189 million around the world. Enjoy and old favourite.

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