Rambo: First Blood Part II


Action / Adventure / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Richard Crenna as Col. Samuel Trautman
Steven Berkoff as Lt. Col. Podovsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 2karl- 8 / 10

A disgraced soldier turns saviour , rescuing p o w's raging a one man war back in Nam

This film I gave ten out of ten this made 300 million world wide. The best return for a sly film. at an 1hr41mins this film is all action . Rambo is released from prison and is sent back to present day Vietnam. His mission to track down an American Mias. The plan : A parachute into forbidding jungles. with nothing but a serrated knife and a bow with arrows. He is told not to engage the enemy. Just to take recon pictures. Betrayed by his own. Rambo struggling against deadly odds and wows revenge on those who made him an enemy. No man no law no war can stop him he kills 75 enimes.

Reviewed by david-sarkies 4 / 10

One long bullet fest

This is one of those films that was quite popular back in the 80s, but seems to have fallen by the wayside of late. Then again I suspect this it has become somewhat dated and certainly didn't attain the cult like status that some movies did. In a way, like the previous film, the main purpose of Rambo was to try and come to terms with the failures of Vietnam, and dress it up in some form of action film where the all American action hero storms in and saves the day (though it is interesting that we do learn about Rambo's heritage here).

The film begins with Rambo in prison however he is approached by his former commander who offers him a way out – return to Vietnam and attempt to rescue some forgotten prisoners of war. However, things pretty quickly go pair-shaped when it becomes clear that the person pulling the strings actually has a different agenda in mind, and once again Rambo simply discovers himself a tool of some faceless, and heartless, Washington bureaucrats.

Where as the first movie focused mainly on those who had returned, this movie brings out the concept of those who were left behind. Apparently an agreement was made in 1972 where the American government would pay war reparations in return for the release of their prisoners of war, and not surprisingly the Americans reneged on this agreement, and the prisoners were left to rot. However, this had the potential to explode into a public relations disaster sooner or later (and sort of went against the idea of leave no man behind). Well, this is where Rambo and his mission comes in – not to rescue the prisoners but actually prove that there aren't any there.

Mind you, such a movie wouldn't have worked with simply having the Vietnamese as the enemies, so they upped the ante by bringing in the Russians. However, the one thing where this film does end up falling down is the fact that it pretty much degenerates into one massive slug fest. This is probably why I wasn't as impressed with this film as the previous one. In a way it really seemed to fall into some angry rant against the Vietnamese for not only torturing their prisoners, but not letting them go (needless to mention the fact that the Americans were trying to sweep this under the table as well).

In a way this film seemed to be capitalising on the renewed interest in the Vietnam War, but really did little to address the issues. Ironically, one of the characters looked a lot like a skinny version of Churck Norris, who also made a couple of Missing in Action films which were actually of a somewhat higher calibre. Sure, this film does have its intrigue, and its untrustworthy bureaucrats, but it does really finish off all that well. In a sense it just seems to reach a point where the screen writers really couldn't work out where to take the film and simply gave Sly a gun (and a helicopter) and had him pretty much run around blowing everything up. Talking about the chopper, that last scene, where he is destroying the camp, is equally ridiculous in that he basically managed to blow up an entire POW camp without injuring a single American (as well as flying a damaged Chopper all the way across Laos only to have it fall apart when it landed at the base in Thailand).

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

Quintessential pure bad-ass the best action film my number 1 personal favorite

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) is the finest pure bad-ass the best action film of the 80's of all time for me. My number 1 personal favorite film in the action genre I think it is one of the best action movies of all time. I love this film to death and it is my childhood film. Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo, the former Green Beret who is given the opportunity for a Presidential pardon if he accepts a mission to confirm the existence of American POW's captured during the Vietnam War.

Rambo: First Blood Part II influenced many of action films. Commando come out the same year and it was very competitive with Rambo but this movie won because it was more box office successful. I love this film to death It is the sequel to First Blood (1982), and the second installment in the Rambo film series In my opinion it is Stallone's best film.

"Sir, do we get to win this time? "

Awesome and very great intense underrated sequel . it Is a very joy great action movie . Action adventure fun with some substance. Different than the first one , but great as an archetypical good versus bad movie. Very decent, good movie, very entertaining, fast paced wonderful action Hard-R fight scenes and some nice one-liners war movie. There's no shaky cam or CGI here but real explosions. Bad-ass action film I absolutely love it to death! James Cameron and Sylvester Stallone wrote the script that is why this movie was such a bad-ass action. Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Aliens proves to be one of the best action movies from James Cameron he wrote and directed them, that is why Rambo: First Blood Part II was such a success. Brilliantly directed by George P. Cosmatos who later directed Cobra (with Sylvester Stallone again) Leviathan (with Richard Crenna again) and Tombstone.

Of course, this wouldn't be an action movie without some action. There's plenty of it, and it's perfectly done. Great action, a slick pace and a barrage of great moments (a random soldier being shot by an exploding arrow being my personal favorite) may not make this high art, but it does create a fun time at the movies, which is what movies are meant to do. It also helps that it has a great score, which sets the tone very well. You have ton's of explosions real practical effects. You see a lot of heavy weapons and they are used well.

Rambo uses a knife and kills the bad guys, well, he's Rambo and his knife completes him. Rambo uses Hoyt Archery compound bow which has been well know as the "Torque Bow" because of the high explosive arrow tips. I have never seen in any action movie a bow and explosives arrows. Rambo uses a flying helicopter kills all the bad guys blows whole base and saves POW's captured prisoners.

In this movie you have Russians and Vietcongs as the bad guys. Rambo blows up an enemy boat by pulling an RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher blows the to hell. Great explosion I have ever seen. Rambo blows up Podovsky's Hind helicopter with another grenade launcher M72 LAW.

Excellent solid cast Sylvester Stallone does great excellent performance as legendary John Rambo Vietnam vet. I love the character to death. Richard Crenna R.I.P. as Col. Samuel Trautman was excellent I really miss him. Charles Napier R.I.P. as Marshall Murdock was fantastic bad guy. The acting is fantastic from Richard Crenna and Charles Napier the politics were important, such as a right-wing stance coming from Trautman and his nemesis, Murdock, contrasted by Rambo's obvious neutrality. Great music score from Jerry Goldsmith R.I.P.

Rambo: First Blood Part II (also known as Rambo II or First Blood II) is a 1985 American action film directed by George P. Cosmatos and starring Sylvester Stallone, who reprises his role as Vietnam veteran John Rambo.

10/10 Bad-ass action film I absolutely love it to death m number 1 action film ! Puts most action movies to shame. Today they aren't action movies like are this one. Today they are just lousy CGI bullsh** crap.

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