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Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo
Julie Benz as Sarah
Richard Crenna as Col. Samuel Trautman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

Living With War In One's Heart

Movie Review: "Rambo" (2007)

Slightly delayed in exhibition efforts for a preliminary release in holiday season 2007/2008, Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone directs himself reprising the legendary U.S. military drop-out "John Rambo" to the heart in balance-seeking beginnings in small village by the river in Thailand after years of mercenaries war-zone labor reaching from being hunted in his homeland "First Blood" (1982) to a devastating traumatizing mission of reentering Vietnam in "Part II" (1985) and further far-regions of slave-like states of mine labor toward rescuing his sole friend in life, U.S. military black-op mission granting Colonel Trautman from the clutches of invading Russian forces in Afghanistan in 1988, when Rambo must one more time indulge into mass-killings beyond ultra-violent proportions executed with live-action gun-shells, bow & arrow, grenades and machine-guns to rescue a Christian activist group, entering a war-zone with pink-eyed wish to bring meaning and change a world gone havoc.

Director Sylvester Stallone, who had also been co-written the screenplay with Art Monterastelli that wants to be nothing more than full-bodied, honesty-seeking war-action-thriller entertainment with sharing personal thoughts on hidden conflicts raging around the globe; here the for five decades struggling state of Burma, now the official republic of Myanmar, building a government apart from a Military state ruling from 1962 to 2011 in which this motion picture is set with pitch-striking 85-Minute-cut by editor Sean Albertson, who despite fairly-covered angles of cinematography in fast-paced close-to-action shots, bringing a transforming character of John Rambo, who becomes the war machine in every spectator mind to push war-action to final extremes with combining live-action ultra-violence with digital polishing works, when this re-interpretation of what war injects into a man's spirit turn into a beating heart, which lies under a wall of memories to cope with, while life spins on to fulfillment.

© 2018 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

Reviewed by Joel Newman 7 / 10

Flawed, idiotic but also good -

The story doesn't make sense; if the Christian do-gooders have been to Burma before why on this occasion do they need Rambo? And, Rambo's blasting truck loads of Burmese soldiers but these boys were kidnapped from villages and made into soldiers, so Rambo needs lessons in compassion. But this movie's a shoot 'em up so Rambo needs lots of so called baddies so hean blow holes in them. And another stupid thing; the rebels helping Rambo at the end: cheesy. Apart from that Rambo's a decent, refreshingly hardcore, kick arse action flick. And at times it's genuinely moving. Go Rambo.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Last entry directed by Stallone with lots of frenetic action and plenty of blood and violence

Thrilling and moving Rambo episode in which he returns to war and to rescue American prisoners . The famous trilogy has been completed by this recent ¨ John Rambo¨ , a definitive improvement and directed by the same Stallone in which Rambo fights enemies in Thailand ; nevertheless the best considered is the original . Violent movie with Rambo character who started in ¨First Blood¨ and that launched Stallone career going on his successful Rambo episodes . Sylvester Stallone as brawny hero Rambo is top-notch , he was a previous Green Beret , now retired and living a pacific existence in Thailand . He has retreated to a easy life in a rural Thai village next the Burmese frontier , capturing snakes for local entertainers, and transporting visitors in his old 109 PT boat . But John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries (Graham McTavish, Matthew Mardsen) to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers (Julie Benz,Paul Schulze) who were abducted by the ruthless local infantry who carries out a brutal massacre . He then frees the prisoners but cruel soldiers sett off in pursuit and Rambo leads his pursuers into all kinds of booby snares , puts dangerous traps in the jungle woods and mountains . Rambo appears threatening , lurking and harassing to his enemies pursuers escaping the innumerable risks and dangers .

From the beginning to the end the comic-book action-packed and extreme violence is continued and it's fast movement ; for that reason the picture is pretty amusing ; furthermore contains lots of explosions and some of the best action scenes ever made , including an impressive machine-gun attack . Stallone is enormous as the tough and rebel one army man and excellent Julie Benz as suffering missionary , in addition the veteran Ken Howard and including some flashbacks of deceased Richard Crenna in an enjoyable homage . The outdoors are spectaculars , the landscapes have been filmed on location in Arizona, USA ,Chiang Mai, Thailand and Mexico . Awesome and exceptional cinematography by the cameraman Glen MacPherson . Splendid and rousing musical score by Brian Tyler. This nail-biting film is well played , produced and stunningly directed by the great Silvester Stallone .

The motion picture is preceded by the original ¨First blood¨ by Ted Kotcheff with Richard Crenna , David Caruso and Brian Dennehy, in which Rambo is falsely accused as vagrant and wrongfully imprisoned and he pulls off the break-out ; Rambo II by George Pan Cosmatos with Martin Kove, Steven Berkoff and Julia Nickson, in which he's forced to go Cambodia in search of American POWs , and followed by ¨Rambo III¨ with Kurtwood Smith and Spiros Focas and of course Richard Crenna , in which Rambo against the Russians who control a particular sector of Afghanistan and he goes behind Russian-dominated enemy lines too rescue his former coroner from jail . The film will appeal to action enthusiast and Stallone fans . It's a movie for adrenaline lovers and frantic thrillers buffs. Rating : Good, entertaining but violent , two thumbs up . Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take , this exciting film still has its magnificent moments. This large-scale and lavishly produced pic attempts a peculiar atmosphere with spectacular results . Rating : Better than average , well worth seeing .

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