Raining Stones


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacintafortunata 7 / 10

worth while but leaves me with some Q's..

Hi really enjoyed it - i could appreciate the issues highlighted - and loved the comic element "heads down arses out" lol.. however I am not sure about the priest's advice.. would this happen in reality? I would have imagined that a catholic priest would have advised him to go to the police... or is he seeing the police as being part of the flawed society in which they live? But in fairness, he was the cause of the guy to crash into the pillar (having smashed the window screen in etc)

I dunno - I would like to think that Ken is being realistic and fair but I think that there is a bias here..

In any event I really enjoyed it... gee I felt so much for the daughter - but in fairness she seemed tough too - (hands on hips when the loan shark was in the house)

Reviewed by avital-gc-1 8 / 10

Empathetic film

Bob has problems making a living. His wife mainly cares for the house and their daughter, and finds it hard to get a job as well. Bob and his friend Tommy are involved in tiny crimes-stealing a sheep, a part of a lawn etc, but ends never meet. The situation becomes worse when Bob and Anne's daughter is going to have her communion. Bob wants to buy her a new outfit, no matter what everyone tells him. He gets into deeper trouble by the day.

Loach has compassion for his characters, however, and the film is not depressing although it shows poverty and how it drains people. He also discusses religion here-the priest is a human version, and Bob's F-I-L represents the opposition. Interesting that he hasn't written the script, and yet it has so much to do with many of his films.

Reviewed by mob61uk 8 / 10

Yet another great Ken Loach film.

Yet another great Ken Loach film. It begins as a somewhat gritty comedy. Bob (Bruce Jones, aka Les Battersby) and his mate Tommy (Ricky Tomlinson) are out of work and desperate for money. They decide to capture a sheep, and sell the meat in the local pub. They also go and steal the turf from the local Conservative Party club grounds (if anyone deserved it then...!).

The heart of the film, though, is Bob's desperation to get the money together to pay for his daughter's Catholic Communion outfit. He ends up borrowing money from the loan sharks, and things begin to go downhill. There is one scene, where a loan shark "pays a visit" after Bob misses his payments. Bob is out, but his wife and daughter are in. There is no serious physical violence in this scene, but plenty of verbal threats. For me, this is one of the most menacing scenes in film I have seen in years. Loach directs it to perfection.

As often with Loach, behind an ostensible political message, lies a complex moral analysis of real people's lives, handled with great sensitivity.

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