Raiders of the Lost Shark


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dannyc-31683 1 / 10

Words mean nothing.

Recently i have watched quite a few shark films, this is definitely the worst!

I think its an insult to call this a film. It looks like it was recorded from an IPhone. 0 amount of effort went into making this mess. I watched the trailer before viewing this movie, and its something when the trailer makes absolutely no point, as its absolutely means nothing whatsoever to the whole plot.

In short a military shark has escaped .. a teacher wants revenge for the shark eating her sister .. Teenagers wanting to go to the island to assume look at the shark? In the trailer its mentioning about a perfect vacation, utter rubbish.

The actors are beyond awful. You don't gain any sort of warmth for any of the characters. In some cases, it looked like they actually have forgotten their lines, and it was improvised.

Its a shame, because the only decent thing about this film is the poster advertising it.

Summery: Positives - If you need something to add to the trash, the disc is perfect. - Nice movie poster.

Negatives - This "film" exists. - Appalling acting from every "actor". - The effects for this "flying shark" is the biggest pile of rubbish. This film is 2015, the effects really take the mick with a film this modern.

  • Brett Kelly is producer.

Reviewed by danielcalveley 1 / 10

Don't waste your time! (Contains Spoilers)

I have seen many shark movies recently and this is by far the worst of all of them! Firstly the trailer makes no sense to the story whats so ever. It specifically mentions how its meant to be a "perfect vacation" which isn't really true considering all it is are these teenagers wanting to see this shark (which is already the most unrealistic looking thing ever in recorded cinema).

Acting is beyond unbelievable. Its like it was recorded for a school project (even then school kids would make a better movie then this trash). There's only a handful of people in this film, and they really need to go to acting school because watching them act really is well .. awful.

Please do not even look at this film, it really is a disaster! Definitely avoid it!

Reviewed by Travis 1 / 10

Really Really Bad.

Sound goes up and down depending on if it was filmed indoors or out.

The "flying shark" looks like a paper shark that was pasted onto the film at some point and for sound they used a sound clip of a bear.

the plot is a mash together of two plots one of a prehistoric shark and one of a genetically engendered shark.

It takes a lot for me to hate a show but this did it. Just avoid it.

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