Raiders of the Lost Ark


Action / Adventure

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 96%
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Alfred Molina as Satipo
Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hodri-meydan-64099 1 / 10


Such an overrated movie. If you are a kid with no brain, you will enjoy it.

Reviewed by moshomaniac 10 / 10

Raiders of the Lost Ark: A tribute to the film serials of the 1940s, and one of the all-time greatest movies

In writing this review, I'll say at the very beginning, I love this movie. It reigns supreme as my all-time favorite. Conceived by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, this movie, released in June of 1981(a month before I was born) was an instant box-office smash, giving birth to Indiana Jones, played to perfection by Harrison Ford, coming off his success from Star Wars(1977) and Empire Strikes Back(1980). The film captures the spirit of the Saturday Matinee with an absolute brilliance. It action-packed, it's funny, it has fantastic visuals, great acting all around, it is a winner in every regard. Released 3 years prior to the PG-13 rating, the film does contain some scenes of fairly intense gore and blood (which would probably warrant a PG-13 today), but I think that a mature 11 year old can probably handle it. I also must mention the score, done by John Williams, the "Raiders March" is quite possibly the most exciting and invigorating score I've ever heard, instantly establishing the film's adventurous tone, and the theme for the ark of the covenant is mysterious and wrought with intrigue. Its interesting also to note that the submarine from 1981's DAS BOOT(directed by Wolfgang Peterson of The Never-ending Story) was rented for one scene. Indiana Jones became of the most recognizable characters of the 1980s, and the original fedora was donated to the Smithsonian. Overall, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of Steven Spielberg's best films, and a great American classic that no video collection should be without. 3 sequels followed: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom(1984); Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade(1989); and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull(2008); but none truly captured the spirit of the Saturday Matinee more than this essential classic. What more can be said except, if you haven't seen this, check it out!

Reviewed by zianimustafa 8 / 10

Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981)

Steven Spielberg's film still looks sexy after more than three decades. Spielberg and George Lucas gave Harrison Ford (who had worked with Lucas previously in Star Wars) a unique role, as an adventurer and lover of the archaeologist named Henry Jones Jr. - known as Indiana Jones, or just Indy. He works as a professor wearing glasses, but in holidays he adventurer does not know fear, with his hat. When the Nazis discover the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant (which will give them an unstoppable power), Jones must stop them. In my opinion, the film has the best key I've ever seen, filled with a host of memorable pieces (such as Ford's giant rock hunt), by the great cinematographer Douglas Slokamp. In addition to John Williams who composed music nominated for Oscar, which was performed by the London Symphony. Raiders Of The Lost Ark was the biggest box office film in 1981 and has won nine Oscars, including the best director. Winning the best art output, best editing, best sound, best visual effects and finally the best sound effects. The cast on Ford is also good. With Paul Freeman, who plays the role of French archaeologist René Bellock, Denholm Elliott played the role of Jones' colleague at the college (Marcus Prodi). And "Karen Allen" in the role of Habiba Jones (Marion Ravenwood). The film also adds some humor. There is a fascination and vitality for this film, which Spielberg later admitted was "the first film where I actually visualized without thinking." Really attractive film. One of the best action and adventure movies, Raiders Of The Lost Ark is really fun as a whole.

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