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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Nicolas Cage as Paul Maguire
Rachel Nichols as Vanessa Maguire
Aubrey Peeples as Caitlin Maguire
Peter Stormare as Francis O'Connell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zardoz-13 5 / 10

The Futility of Crime

Paco Cabezas' crime thriller "Rage" depicts the futility of violence. The irony at the heart of this gritty, unsavory yarn is that violence doomed the life of a young, 17-year old girl. Cage is cast as Paul Maguire, a gangster-turned-legit-businessman, in Mobile, Alabama. He has been walking the straight and narrow since he gave up his life of crime. Maguire's first wife died from breast cancer, and he has married a younger woman. Maguire dotes on his only daughter, Caitlin (Aubrey Peeples), and he surprised and saddened to learn that she has been kidnapped. Mobile Police Detective Peter St. John (Danny Glover of "Lethal Weapon") advises Maguire to stay out of the matter and let the police handle the investigation. Maguire listens to a similar lecture from his former mob boss, Francis O'Connell (Peter Stormare of "The Big Lebowski"), to steer clear of the investigation. Maguire's grieving wife, Vanessa (Rachel Nichols of "Charlie Wilson's War"), urges him to do whatever he must to get Caitlin back. Imagine Maguire's grief when he learns that Caitlin's body has been discovered in a drain by a jogger! The autopsy indicates that a Russian-made automatic pistol, a Tokarev, was used to snuff out Caitlin. Meanwhile, the only witnesses to Caitlin's kidnapping were two teenagers who were spending the evening with her at Maquire's residence. Once Maguire learns about the murder weapon, he believes that the Russian mob killed his daughter. Maguire and two of his old buddies arm themselves and go after the Russians with blood in their eyes. There is a last-minute surprise for both Maguire and the Russians that will stun audiences. Indeed, this surprise comes out of nowhere. "Rage" ties this surprise to the theme of the futility of violence. Nicolas Cage doesn't play a nice guy in this melodrama. At one point, he wields a knife on an adversary and uses it to pin the man's left hand to his back. Furthermore, our protagonist has no qualms about killing. The violence is bleak, sudden, and grueling. Nobody, least of all the protagonist, gets off easy in this splendidly lensed underworld epic. Clocking in at 98 minutes, "Rage" doesn't wear out its welcome, but audiences may not care for the ending.

Reviewed by billchristen 1 / 10

So bad, I'm writing this while it's playing

I'm not sure what's worse....Cage's hair dye, the wife that looks younger than the daughter or the tired plot. I'm now just using it as background noise while I write this review. If this was the only movie available to watch, I would probably schedule a dentist appointment to have a root canal done instead of watching this again. I like many movies that Nick Cage has done, and I will watch those. When I saw Danny Glover, I was really thinking that Mel Gibson may show up. More disappointment.

Reviewed by arizona-43561 1 / 10

Terrible Movie

This movie was an absolute waste of 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. Don't waste your time on it. Boring, drags on and on and on with very little story. Loser of a movie for Nicholas Cage. He is not aging well and needs to stay out of action movies. I use the term 'action movie' loosely in this description.

Watch something better. Perhaps an old Bruce Willis movie or Conair.

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