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Reviewed by em-65358 1 / 10

Not an Accurate Portrayal of a Christian Musician

Next time have someone produce a film that didn't do work for Mad T.V.! Christians should have directed and produced this film, not anti-Christians. If you are reading this review (and are a Christian serving the Lord), truly, DO NOT WATCH this trash! A new, Christian biopic has to be done about Rich Mullins -- one that loves Jesus and shines His love.

Absolutely, this is a chillingly ugly movie. This film does nothing to exemplify the true musician whose work shined with the wonderful, rich talent that God gave him. I was not at all impressed with the screen time given to a light bulb swinging in front of an abusive father, or to his struggle with alcohol. The film, in order to be truly great needed to portray Mullins working in the missionary field; a Mullins that taught piano (and other instruments to the Youth of his church) a Mullins who witnessed for the Lord and knew the struggles of others less fortunate that him.

Terrible, stinker of a raga-film!!! I give this film a 1 out of ten stars...and if this were a grade, an F-.

Reviewed by tabithamock 10 / 10

Touched my soul

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started this movie. I wanted to watch it as I've been trying to make a move towards more pure forms on entertainment. I do know a lot of his music growing up in the church, but I admittedly didn't know much about him as a person at all. Sadly didn't even know the man was dead, which is for sure a tragedy! I rated this a 10/10 because of the rawness and depth. I think the point of this was to show someone who is broken...but in spite of the brokeness still loved God with all his heart. This movie touched a place deep down in my soul. It points out the fact that God never promised us a perfect life. On the contrary He did promise hardships would come. But He loves us in spite of our flaws and we should do everything we can to honor Him. I am expressing myself very poorly.

Reviewed by kacordery 10 / 10

Life Changing

I have been a Christian for about 18 years. I knew about Rich Mullins before I watched the movie but now I know about Rich Mullins

** spoiler alert**

Along with many others who have reviewed this movie, the first time I watched the movie I sobbed openly. I am not a musician nor am I famous but it is stupidly uncanny the similarities in his relationship with his dad and my relationship with mine.

The music in the movie touched me to the point of buying just about every song I can get my hands on and in particular 2 have been played until I am almost sick of them. Hold me Jesus and The Love of God. I have never heard them before and they both have spoken to me deeply.

I know that when I get to heaven I won't care if i meet Rich or not because I will have met Jesus face to face and I will forget the cares of this world. But in this life, I am so rich to have met him if only in a movie and I cannot even tell you the impact that the subject matter in this film has had on my life.

Thank you to everyone who input their lives and time into this and I am forever grateful. I will pray that many will watch it.

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