R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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Dove Cameron as Beth
Laine MacNeil as Andrea Payton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bjorn (ODDBear) 7 / 10

Enjoyable light horror with likable characters

I'm a big horror nut but sometimes I like the soft stuff. I've read a few R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" novels and they're always an enjoyable read. I feel like he captures teenage life quite nicely and he creates likable characters who you root for. He's been well served by the television medium as his "Goosebumps" TV series is quite well done and I've just began watching his "The Haunting Hour" show and so far so good.

"The Cabinet of Souls" is, likewise, a very solid TV offering of light horror aimed (mainly) at kids and adults alike. The setting is good; a traveling house of horrors with a mysterious owner who collects the souls of customers and feeds off of them. It could very well be a premise for a full out gory R-rated film but it manages to generate a few creepy moments and is always entertaining.

The cast is likable and their characters as well. They do possess qualities that are admirable and that's a nice thing for a parent to know if they'd like to sit down with their kids for something a little bit on the scary side. Bad language is nicely sidestepped without the film feeling corny or something like that.

"The Cabinet of Souls" is an all around decent flick which many age groups can enjoy.

Reviewed by amiranda-39274 7 / 10

The cabinet of souls will capture your Soul too

When i was a kid i enjoyed goosebumps a lot, i assume that is what got me into liking horror movies. So my sister told me about this new movie, and i decided to watch it, its very likable. It got me pumped for Halloween in a nostalgic way. It captured the original formula that the original goosebumps had, with the premise being about a haunted horror house capturing visitors and turning them into monsters, only to have their souls fed on by the villains. Let me just say the practical effects and makeup look amazing, and clearly they had a bigger budget than other goosebumps. The set looks great, the horror house made me go out and find a horror house that very night.The main characters are actually likable, the main lead is played by Disney star Dove Cameron ( who i have a crush on now), but of course shes already got 2 guys who like her, one of them has a childhood crush for her and through the movie hes trying to tell her that he likes her, kind of reminded me of my own real life crush on a girl i knew. Also the villain is entertaining,kind of creepy ( he looks like the guy from "something wicked this way comes"), but is not really scary, also his introduction could have been way better and creepier. However his daughter with the sultry voice, was well played and was one of the best characters in the film. The script and dialogue was not awful, but it still felt like a Disney channel movie sometimes, despite being soft horror, there were some genuine creepy moments and a few jump scares,one of the characters turns into a very creepy clown, that looks just like the new penny wise! the plot did get overly complicated for a goosebumps movie,like their was a love rectangle happening, also the only way to turn people into monsters is to show them their deepest desires,but this did lead to the love interest for dove having the most bad ass dream sequence ever, where he, dove, and his rival are fighting in a apocalyptic punk world, i loved that scene! Other than that i didn't find too many problems with the movie, i actually kind of wish they did make it more scary but its just a goosebumps movie, its supposed to be training wheels for kids, to help them get more into the horror genre, just like i did. its certainly one of the best goosebumps I've seen, it has awesome visuals, its a great Halloween movie to get you pumped and i recommend it.

Reviewed by DisneySwiftie 8 / 10

Worth giving a shot before turning it down!

I was amazed by this movie. Thought it was gonna be just another cheesy kids horror movie, but I was surprised that it wasn't! The movie had a good plot and the "twist" in the movie was unexpected to me, which made it even better! Visual effects weren't that bad. The makeup could've been done better, but for budget wise was pretty good. Surprisingly, the guy behind the camera did pretty well! The direction of the film had some good shots but mostly just basic film capturing. Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan were the two actors I recognized in this film. Their acting was pretty descent. I think Dove Cameron was the better actress out of this film. It seems like she works with her role and makes her character the best she can! Anyways, I really would take a shot on this film before turning it down. I really think this movie will surprise you, but probably won't scare you!

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