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Reviewed by Jonas1969 9 / 10

Not automatic for the people

This is a movie for the fans of REM especially but I hope everyone else finds it and through it finds REM.

I guess that shows how biased I am - I am a fan of REM. My introduction to the band was however a bit slow to warm up: Some friends who's taste in music I respected loved REM but the songs I'd heard on the radio were Popsong 89' and Shiny Happy People and I really did not like either song. When I was made to listen to the Green album however it was the beginning of a long musical relationship.

I'm sharing that story as an illustration of the diversity of the band's music and I did feel that that came through in this documentary. By using mostly (or maybe only) existing footage from the entire career of REM one does put together a picture of a very diverse group of creative people that somehow not only survived longer than most bands but also managed to create some of the most enduring pop music throughout that time.

The film doesn't get bogged down in politics or controversies that have existed but fairly portrays them and while these merit a film of their own it probably makes it more generally palatable and I think a film most people can enjoy.

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