Quarantine L.A.


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Eugenia Kuzmina as Arlene Balric
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s0152374 1 / 10

Painful to watch

Really just a waste of time. The acting is incredibly stiff, I even found myself prompting the actors with their lines, it's so predictable. The score is incredibly cheesy and obviously put together by a student filmmaker. The timing is horrible, the actors lines being delivered too soon or too late in almost every scene. Glaringly obvious mistakes and bloopers throughout. I was going to point some out but I'd be here all day. The story did not flow, make any sense or engage the audience. I actually found myself rooting for the 'infected' just to kill off some of the more disappointing leads. I honestly think that the positive reviews on here are planted by the friends/relatives of the actors and producers because it's just that bad. Wooden acting. Poor score. Mediocre story. Don't bother.

Reviewed by thetrueresidentevil 1 / 10

I'd rather drive a Phillip's head into my skull

This "film" is nothing more than a script of "what not to do while acting". I love Quarantine 1 and 2. I love the Rec films, but this Quarantine LA film is enough for you to wish a zombie infection happened and the actors of this film went first. I'd say the actors were flat, but I am curious if they even had a pulse...or a comprehension of how people even talk. The acting was garbage. The lighting was stupid (you have a light in front of the actor hanging from the ceiling, but close up shots you shine light from the side only? The director is licking-windows special). The film is the prolapsed rectum of the whole series. Gross. Unwatchable. Garbage.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

Not super bad, but not good either...

For a zombie movie then "Infected" wasn't particularly memorable or outstanding. That being said, then I will also say, in its defense, that it wasn't the worst of low budget zombie movies that I have seen.

As for the story, well it is about as stereotypical as it gets; a group of survivors are trekking through a zombie-infected zone, that turns out to be Los Angeles.

How wonderfully delightful that this movie is filmed in locations that doesn't indicate a major city at all. So it was really difficult to believe that this movie was supposed to take place in Los Angeles.

The array of characters was also generic for the genre. But I will say that most of the cast actually did pretty good jobs with their given roles, despite the fact that director Filip Maciejewicz seemed to not letting the actors and actresses fully delve into their characters.

Personally, I don't enjoy zombies being all hyper-mobile and able to run, so that part of the movie wasn't sitting well with me at all.

If you are looking for a proper zombie movie then "Infected" is not the best of choices. But if you enjoy low budget zombie movies then you will most likely get a kick or a bite, all puns intended, out of "Infected".

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