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Jennifer Carpenter as Angela Vidal
Joey King as Briana
Denis O'Hare as Randy
Doug Jones as Thin Infected Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jerralagbayani 6 / 10

Ultimately a Scary Adaption!


So if you aren't in the fear factor of things you should really watch this film. this works for beginners and unlike some lost footage films this drives zombies with found footage which is rarely seen.

I haven't seen Rec yet but plan on. This movie definitely beats Diary of the Dead and brings enough jump scares to pump you up with adrenaline.

Although this film was scary this movie did brink up a few things I wanted changed.

For starters, I wanted a more hooking beginning. The first 10 minutes were pretty boring and almost made me click off the movie. Another is a stronger bond towards the camera man. Throughout the film, a couple of people yell to turn off the camera, the lead female only saying turn it on to let people know what happened. I feel like she should've had a stronger bond with the camera man, probably doing some inside jokes in the beginning, or maybe a scene where they talk out how they feel about this zombie outbreak. Third, finally, more suspense. I feel like during the first few quarters of the movie they added the action factor into the mix rather than suspense, making it less scary.

This film isn't the best but definitely deserves a 6/10 for it's great story, long-lasting scene angles, and amazing acting.Not much else to say but congrats for this cool movie.

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 9 / 10

Halloween Review #12: Brilliant horror film!!

So,I recently just found out that R.E.C has been adapted in to a American horror film starring Jay Hernandez and Jennifer Carpenter called "Quarantine",I knew that there was a film called Quarantine but I didn't know it was a American adaption of one of the scariest horror films ever. So,as we all know,this film follows Angela,played by Jennifer Carpenter,who goes along with a group of firefighters after a woman called about an attack in her apartment building only to discover a virus is spreading all over the building. So,when I even heard that John Eric Dowdle was directing it who directed brilliant horror films such as As Above So Below and The Poughkeepsie Tapes,I got so excited and I found it in Poundland for only £2 so I got it and just this morning,I watched it. Basically,Quarantine is the exact same as R.E.C,Jennifer Carpenter is the exact same as the Spanish actress who played her character in the Spanish version. The ending to the film was also highly insidiously brilliant,just like its prequel,I will not spoil but Doug Jones was awesome in the end of the film. Jay Hernandez was also very good in the film but sorry,Rec was better,except for the fact that it had subtitles,which I don't like sometimes,so,this was great!! Quarantine is a very good horror film

Reviewed by Bodo 6 / 10

Was this necessary? No, but entertaining nonetheless

Yes, this movie is almost a one-to-one image conversion of the Spanish movie REC. So was this movie necessary? Strictly speaking no. But I found myself still entertained.

The plot is just as simple as the original: A TV crew gets stuck with some firemen in a large apartment house that is the heart of a zombie outbreak.

QUARANTINE does depart in some interesting ways from REC. There's a bit more character development at the beginning, with more time at the fire station to get to know everybody. That's a welcome addition! And the characters do feel pretty real. The female protagonist in particular is quite believable and does carry the movie quite well (the burden is on her, since we see her most of the time). I also liked that QUARANTINE strengthened the role of animals in the movie, and I also felt more "locked in" ... The Spanish version of the movie is overall definitely better at conveying a genuine sense of terror towards the end of the movie, and of course, it had the benefit of being the first, the true innovator. When I saw REC, I did not know what to expect. Since QUARANTINE is essentially a copy with some minor changes, the surprise was gone.

Of course, just like with the original, you have to like found footage movies. QUARANTINE definitely has a lot of shaky camera and a lot of the things that are quite typical of found footage movies, such as the camera falling down or things just being dark or soundless. That said, like any good found footage movie QUARANTINE has a few ingenious things that happen with the "first person" perspective, which you'll appreciate if you're a fan of the "genre". Found footage is jarring and at times irritating for sure, but it also always adds a sense of physicality that I really like.

So all in all, QUARANTINE is a fun and sometimes scary thrill ride. Nothing world- changing, but still worth your time... if you can stand found footage.

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