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David Carradine as Shepard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mylimbo 9 / 10

Look in the sky. It's a Quetzalcoatl!

An unusual state of deaths has hit New York, where people on high-rise buildings are being gruesomely killed. NPYD detectives Shepard and Powell are on the case, where Shepard believes these deaths are connected with another case involving skinned corpses. What he throws up is that the flying serpent god Quetzalcoatl that the Aztecs worshipped has been brought back to life due to these skinned sacrifices. A small time crook Jimmy happens to stumble upon the winged serpent's nest, and after being caught for a bungled robbery he uses this information to his advantage.

What an extremely nifty and charming little film by the inventive b-film maestro Larry Cohen! Original, weird, wild and downright snappy is the trademark of this gem. Cohen's brightly taut direction takes flight and gets a highly amusing sardonic script to blend splendidly into the versatile and old-fashioned story. A super knockout cast make it a huge delight too. An excellent David Carradine keeps it suitably dry and Richard Roundtree superbly plays it hard-boiled. Candy Clark is sincerely good. Cohen regular James Dixon also pops up. However it's an outstanding neurotic method performance by Michael Moriarty, which livens up the show. His twitchy turn is fun to watch. The authentically gritty NY locations lend to the colourful atmosphere, and Fred Murphy and Robert Levi's inspired cinematography is spaciously swirling and always on key. The film is heighten by compelling suspense, and some workably conceived shock sequences that shows few gruesome images with a humorously dark streak tag to them. Robert O. Ragland's breezily flavoured score fits right at home with eccentric nature of the picture. The opening main cue also kicks in nicely. Cohen who also penned the stellar story mixing monster elements with a crime caper. Throws in plenty of witty satire, rooftop terror, few surprises and some major character progression. The characters do win out here, but you got to hand it to Cohen as he gets right into it. The way it sticks to telling a story, then concentrating just on the monster gives it more depth and heart. The other star of the piece Q is exceptionally staged in campy stop-motion animation. The special effects are creative, but never overdone and stays pretty effective throughout most of the film because of perfect timing and positioning.

Reviewed by StormSworder 10 / 10

Truly worthy of that over-used status 'classic'

I've seen no end of monster-on-the-loose films, and the fact is that 'Q' is one of the very best of them. A terrifying prehistoric winged beast starts snatching people from New York, whilst there are cult murders involving an ancient Aztec god. As if the NYPD haven't enough on their plate, there's a bank robbery in which a put-upon small-time crook loses the money and then finds a giant egg on top of a skyscraper.

What sets this film apart from the hundreds of other monster movies is its genuinely tense atmosphere, its characters, its haunting scenes which really do stay with you, its well-written and witty script, its great views of New York and its monster which really does have a life and character all of its own.

Reviewed by skallisjr 6 / 10

Not At All Bad

When the Empire State Building was being constructed, another high-rise skyscraper, the Chrysler Building was its rival. As far as I know, this is the only film to pay homage to the Chrysler Building.

The Q stands for Quetzacoatl, a winged serpent from Aztec mythology. Outside of that, the Aztec connection isn't that great. But the idea of a monster living in seclusion in New York, feeding on sunbathers and the like, is rather bemusing.

The film is a rarity: a police-procedural monster film. The only other that comes to mind is Them!, with the giant ants. This one is truer to form, though not as taut.

Entertaining. A good rainy-day film.

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