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Laurie Holden as Mrs. Reyes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jabarnard-33121 9 / 10

Slow burn, but truly terrifying

Before I rate this, I just want to say two things. Firstly, I don't care for reviewers telling me how to think or feel about a movie... just review it and let me make up my own mind. Secondly, all horror does not have to be terrifying from start to finish, there are different ways to tell a story, and as long as the story is interesting and the acting is good, then it will work, but not if you're one who loves constant action. That being said...

Acting is top notch. Nicole Munez does an outstanding job, is very believable and empathetic. Laurie Holden is also outstanding as the erratic but loving mother. You're given time to bond with and understand the characters, which is very important. This is a STORY, not an action film, and it is a very well-told story at that. It builds to a very scary ending, giving the payoff to horror film lovers, but be patient, go into it ready to sit back and watch it all unfold. Again, superb acting... well worth watching.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 9 / 10

A dark and memorable gem of a film

I caught Adam MacDonald's first film 'Backcountry' a couple of years back and really enjoyed it. On that occasion he found a great balance between character development, building tension and then finally hitting you with a sledge hammer to finish it all off. Now with 'Pyewacket' he's managed to do the same again in terms on finding a great balance - only this time I'd say he's done it even better.

The film takes a while to get its wheels churning, but this is all very important time spent in the movie because it is giving us a chance to care about these characters and their fate. Then the film just starts slowly revving things up piece by piece until finally the finale kicks in, and it's one to remember I promise you that.

If I'm correct (I'm 99% sure I am) there isn't a single jump-scare in this movie. All the horror comes from atmospheric build-up and incredibly creepy visuals. There is one scene that was shot so simply that any man and his dog could go out into the woods right now and do the exact same thing, and yet it was probably the most effective scene in the entire movie. Simplicity is so often a horror movie's greatest asset.

The actors did a great job too. Laurie Holden playing the mother was the stand-out for me. Some of the looks she managed to achieve gave me goosebumps. I was also suitably impressed by Nicole Muñoz in the lead role. She managed something very few actresses can pull off in horror movies - to make you care about her character.

One of the only gripes I had with the film was that every time a character received a text message the writing would appear on the screen for the audience to read. This is something more suited to a romantic comedy in my opinion. Every time it happened it just took me out of the trance the film had put me in and reminded me that it was just a movie I was watching.

Other than that though this is pretty hard film to fault. This is the way horror movies need to be made going forward, otherwise the genre will become extinct I fear. Take note horror film makers because 'Pyewacket' is a masterclass in horror film making.

Reviewed by tkaine3 8 / 10

Straight forward but rather intricate. It begins with you, But ends in you.

Do not bye into the reviews that this movie is hard to understand or doesn't fit the bill because it does. This film maintains a steady pace without over indulging in jump scares. It really tries to tell a tale of what many of us did as teenagers when becoming too compulsive or acting out of immediate aggression and not taking time to think about things before we act. It isn't confusing like many storys can become when writers wanna become overly deep they out think themselves, No this movie offers explanations every step of the way without giving away so much it ruins the climax. It's not a film that's predicated on showing a demon 30 times on screen but it's definitely not the blair witch project. Acting,storyline,Videography and music all get high remarks. The writers were on point with direct dialogue, not talking to waste air or fill time. I feel like these events could have really took place nothing seemed fake about the plot. Kudos to the producers of this flick from canada.. I say definitely give this a look you'll really enjoy it.

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