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Laurie Holden as Mrs. Reyes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbliss134 8 / 10

Like Tightening a Guitar String

This movie, as it has been accurately described, is a slow burn. It is no question that this low budget indie horror title is driven by solid performances, specifically by Nicole Munoz and Laurie Holden. The dynamic between these characters is believable and could pass as a standalone drama if the horror elements weren't included. The most impressive aspect of this film is how Adam MacDonald used his low budget to create a piece of film that uses effective storytelling and edge-of-your-seat suspense. If you're an individual who prefers the louder, high budget horror shows, I'm sad to say you will be slightly disappointed with this film. But if you enjoyed films like The Witch or It Follows, I can definitely recommend this movie, as I believe it is truly something special.

Reviewed by roger gray 10 / 10

Much better than the 1/10 reviews would have you believe!

I can't believe that this has such a low score. It's a low budget chiller that really delivers.

A teenager casts a curse/spell on her mom. Then immediately regrets it.

Simple plot line pulled off brilliantly. Excellent performances and tension that mounts until a satisfying ending.

It may not be the fastest paced film ever but enough happens to keep you interested. It has a few great set pieces and the end gave me a genuine chill.

I would have given this a solid 7 but gave it 10 to offset those who pulled down the score because they have no attention span.

Reviewed by jonsefcik 6 / 10

A Decent Little Horror Movie

I finally got a chance to check this movie out, and I feel I should say something level-headed given the mixed reviews. Lots of 10/10 and 1/10 reviews without much in the middle. I've seen my fair share of horror films, from masterpieces like The Shining and Rosemary's Baby, to camp like the Leprechaun series and Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. For a small independent production, I think this was a decent little horror movie, albeit with many flaws. Here's the good and bad:

The Good: The acting was pretty good overall. I appreciate how this movie didn't stoop to any cheap tricks to scare the audience. There are no jump scares (except for one edit that could debatably be called a fake out). It showed a surprising amount of restraint, relying on a slow escalation of events to build suspense. By not showing much, it makes your imagination run wild, and that's what makes it scary. If anything, I actually wish they had shown even less of the demon. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's on the right track.

The Bad: The film looks cheaply made. The music and camerawork were serviceable but nothing great. Characterization was weak overall, though development between the mother and daughter was okay. The suspense built up pretty well for a majority of the runtime, but when you actually see the demon it's not very convincing. That CGI fire was pretty bad. Why didn't she show her mom the broken chair and door after that chase scene? In the hands of a more meticulous filmmaker with a higher budget, this could've been an A24 horror film like The Witch or Hereditary, but Pyewacket simply isn't on the same level.

If you're a psychological horror fan and/or an indie horror fan, I's say this movie is worth a watch, but don't expect to be blown away. If getting startled by something popping at the screen is the only thing you consider scary, this isn't for you.

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