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Chris Evans as Nick Gant
Dakota Fanning as Cassie Holmes
Corey Stoll as Agent Mack
Ming-Na Wen as Emily Wu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 7 / 10

Don't Think Too Hard If You Want to Enjoy This Movie

This little bit of cinematic junk food is moderately entertaining if you're not looking to exercise any brain cells. It's about a bunch of people -- some good, some bad -- with special powers in pursuit of a suitcase that contains something that everybody wants. I could go into what the suitcase actually contains, and why it's important, and why everyone wants it, but I don't have the energy, and it doesn't matter much anyway, because the film is more interested in its style than it is in its plot, which isn't in this case a criticism.

The film reminded me of a jacked up version of one of those 1940s crime thrillers, where everyone speaks in a hard-boiled patter and what happens isn't nearly as important as how it all looks happening. So what if this film's plot seems needlessly complicated, and so what if there are way too many narrative threads that don't ever get completely developed, and so what if the whole thing is edited to within an inch of its life? It's still pretty fun if you're in the mood for it.

Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning are the nominal stars, and Djimon Hounsou makes an appearance, proving yet again that what he really needs more than anything is a better dialect coach.

The crazy color palettes and art direction in this film reminded me as I was watching it of "Lucky Number Slevin," another bit of entertaining B pulp. How funny then that I look at this film's director's (Paul McGuigan) resume only to find that it includes....you guessed it....."Lucky Number Slevin." If nothing else, his films certainly have a visual style in common.

Grade: B

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 7 / 10

never a watcher when you really need one

The movie drags viewers into a world when psychic abilities are common and each ability has a cute name.

The pity is that Hollywood itself totally lacks any of these abilities, most especially the "watchers." Otherwise someone would have noticed that the great ideas in the story were steam-rolled under a chewy and wandering script.

As I have said in some 1350+ reviews here, the key to a good movie is audience connection. It is that simple. In the opening of the Matrix for example we connect with Neo and he carries us through the film.

Here all the characters are in a "connection vacuum" save for Fanning who holds the attention by star power alone. It is ironic how the script makes such a fuss about her "being 13 years old" when typical of Hollywood she was at the time 15 "playing younger." Turns out the strange world presented in the movie is quite normal and boring compared to the inner workings of Tinseltown itself.

This film could have been something special. Instead it will go into the annals of film history as merely an oddity.

Reviewed by nic-181 9 / 10

Cyberpunk meets superpowers

To me, this is a sleeper hit. It's part Gibson-esque gritty Asian cyberpunk meets superpowers with consequences. The backdrop, characters and action keep it moving forward even when the story gets a little muddy at times. Dakota Fanning's characters was unexpected and the clever uses of each person's gifts made for some good plot twists and actions scenes.

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