Purple Rain


Action / Drama / Music / Musical / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fullheadofsteam 8 / 10

Collectible for sheer musical brilliance

This is NOT a movie to be rated or evaluated based on actors performances, cinematography, or other traditional cinematic evaluation criteria. Rather, this is a movie all about the music -- the story line is a mere thread to a musical tie-in. And please forgive, if not forget, an amateurish performance by Apollonia, as she is truly only a sex object in the grand scheme of things here. But look to the absolutely fabulous and energetic performances by Morris Day and The Time, so good and fun as counterpoint to the terrific music of Prince and his band, and of course ultimately the undeniable virtuosity of Prince himself.

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 10 / 10

Prince shows what he's made of

Prince's death last year made me realize that I didn't know much of his work (in fact, I first learned of him during the period when he used a glyph as his name). I only now got around to watching "Purple Rain". What a show! The plot is routine - a man trying to make something of himself in show biz - but the music is to die for. There are a couple of scenes that are probably in there for comic relief (such as the scene by the lake), but most of everything helps move along the story.

Like "8 Mile" for Eminem, this is a semi-autobiographical story for Prince. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a masterpiece, but I had a good time watching it. The soundtrack and clothing scream 1980s. Really good time.

Prince and Muhammad Ali died less than two months apart, and on the internet I saw a photo of them together, captioned SERIOUSLY, F**K 2016. Sometimes it seems as though the people who died last year (aside from the aforementioned ones, there were David Bowie, Patty Duke, Gene Wilder, Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds) were the lucky ones: they didn't have to experience the freak show that is the Trump era.

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 5 / 10

Purple Rain

2016 was one of the worst years for celebrity deaths, especially for musicians, including David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and George Michael, Prince Rogers Nelson was one of the biggest shock deaths, he was a brilliant singer-songwriter, and I had to see if he could act, in his most famous foray into film, a virtual biographical one, directed by Albert Magnoli (Prince music videos "Scandalous" and "Batdance"). Basically in Minneapolis "The Kid" (Prince) is the talented but troubled front man of his band The Revolution, he lives at home with his verbally and physically abusive Father (Clarence Williams III) and his emotionally abusive Mother (Olga Karlatos). The Kid spends his days rehearsing and his nights performing at the First Avenue nightclub to escape the abuse. One night the three house band slots are held by The Revolution, flashy Morris (Morris Day) with his group The Time, and Dez Dickerson with his group The Modernaires. Morris finds out the Kid is unwilling to the play the compositions The Revolution's guitarist Wendy (Wendy Melvoin) and keyboardist Lisa (Lisa Coleman), which frustrates them, Morris lobbies the nightclub's owner Billy (Billy Sparks) to have The Revolution replaced by a girl group that Morris is already forming. Morris targets new arrival in Minneapolis, aspiring singer and the Kid's girlfriend Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero), to lead his group, she convinces her the Kid is too focused on himself to help her, she joins Morris's group, named Apollonia 6, the Kid is angry with this partnership and slaps her. At the club, the band are conflicting with the pressure to draw more crowds, then the Kid publicly humiliates Apollonia with his performance of uncomfortably personal song "Darling Nikki", Apollonia runs off in tears, and Morris and Billy are angry. Billy confronts the Kid, criticising him for bringing his personal life onto the stage and warning him he is wasting his musical talent like his father did. Apollonia 6 make a successful debut, Billy warns the Kid that his First Avenue slot is at risk, he and a drunken Morris argue and fight, Apollonia leaves in anger. The Kids returns home, he finds the place wrecked, he cannot find his mother, he goes down to the basement, where his father has shot himself in the head, he releases his anger tearing the place apart. During his rampage, the Kid finds a large box containing his father's musical compositions, this opens the Kid's mind up to listening to Wendy and Lisa's compositions, he listens to a cassette with a rhythm track named "Slow Groove", he begins to compose. That night at First Avenue, The Time stop by the Revolution's dressing room to taunt the Kid about his family life, once on stage, the Kid announces that he will be playing "a song the girls in the band wrote", dedicated to his father, this is "Purple Rain". The emotional song ends, the Kid walks off stage to the back door, he intends to ride off on his motorcycle, however he realises the crowd are thrilled with his new song. The Kid returns to the club, greeted by the approval of his fellow musicians, and the teary Apollonia is watching in the audience, he plays two encores with The Revolution, and the crowd goes wild. The end of the film sees the Kid visiting his mother and father in hospital, returning to the basement to sort his father's compositions, accompanied by Apollonia, and a montage of songs play as the credits roll. Also starring Jerome Benton as Jerome, Jill Jones as Jill, Charles Huntsberry as Chick, Brenda Bennett as Brenda, Susan Moonsie as Susan and Kim Upsher as Kim. The pint-sized rock star is pretty much the only actor worth mentioning, although Day is charismatic, and Aollonia is beautiful and talented. It is a very predictable story of a talented young man trying to find his way, and the script is daft at times, but the soundtrack is splendid, with the title song, "I Would Die 4 U", and the Oscar winning and Golden Globe nominated "When Doves Cry", all in all, not a bad musical drama. Worth watching!

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