Pure Country


Action / Drama / Music / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 7 10 3325


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Kyle Chandler as Buddy Jackson
Lesley Ann Warren as Lula Rogers
Rory Calhoun as Ernest Tucker
John Doe as Earl Blackstock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robertpwalton2 10 / 10

Love This Movie

Gamecocks said it very well - if you don't get goose bumps during the final scene of this movie you can't be human. That must explain why I have watched that scene about 50 times on Utube. You can find it by entering 'Utube I cross my heart' on the AOL search bar. You will not be disappointed, I promise you. I have also watched the entire movie more than five times - and if you don't want to purchase the DVD, you can watch it on Utube for nothing. One scene involves Wyatt, Dusty's off stage name, being given a beat down by Al outside a bar in the evening when it was raining, since Al was annoying Harley. Wyatt ends up in the mud, looking up at Harley. Harley gets Al away from Wyatt by pinching his hand in the door of her truck and then slamming the door in his face, breaking his nose. By the way, by now I have fallen in love with Harley,and likely will always love her. Harley takes Wyatt to her home, and invites him to breakfast. When Wyatt sees Al driving up in his pickup, then annoying Harley again, he walks out to where they are. Al, who has tape on his nose and a bandage on his right hand, asks Wyatt if he wants another beat down. Wyatt shoves Al, who is much bigger than Wyatt is, and Wyatt says 'absolutely', a great use of a word reflecting the quality of this film. Al swings his fist at Wyatt, but Wyatt ducks under it, then breaks Al's nose for a second time. On his way back to Harley's house, Wyatt steps on Al's injured hand.

Reviewed by George Gregson 8 / 10

The True Country Icon

In the 1992 hit Pure Country, country singer Dusty Chandler (George Strait) is one of the best song writers in country music coming out with the hottest songs. He feels like his music and stage performances are overwhelming and feels he needs to take a break to rewrite some music and make country music the way it should be. He told some of his close friends in his band he was going to take a "walk," and on his walk he ends up at a ranch next to where he grew up owned by Ernest Tucker. Dusty becomes a ranch hand there and ends up meeting Ernest's daughter, Harley Tucker (Isabel Glasser). Harley and Dusty fall in love and all while working on the ranch and being with Ms. Tucker, Dusty perfects his country music to make it the way he wants country music to be heard as. While Dusty is having the time of his life, Lula (Lesley Ann Warren), Dusty's manager, has her boyfriend play Dusty and sings his songs and dresses like him. What does Dusty do? Is his love life over? It is a must see movie.

The message this movie sends me is that we can have everything in the world and still not have it all. Does that make sense? What I am trying to say is, Dusty had it made. He was living the life doing what he loved to do, he had a bus and so many fans and was so popular everyone knew him wherever he went. In the end though, he wasn't happy. He didn't have a family. He never had a hometown or any close friends or a house to live in or anything. He was a traveler, from city to city singing and doing what he loves best. After singing for a while, he realized he was also missing out on other important things. Dusty can have all the money in the world, and still not be happy. Also, this movie teaches us that love is unconditional.

In all honesty, I love this movie. I relate to this film, and I have several reasons for liking this movie. I love the country music in this movie. Growing up in the country, this music is all I ever listened to and it has a place in my mind where I will never forget it. In this movie they dress very similar to myself. They wear cowboy boots, plaid shirts, and jeans even in the heat of the summer. I like where the setting is set. At the beginning it is set on a stage singing music and in the middle it was moved to a family ranch. My family raises cattle and has other various farm animals as seen in this movie, and that's what makes me love this movie the most. I would never leave our family farm. I love it so much it isn't even considered work for me. I grew up with it and that is what makes me love this movie. The hometown friendliness, the country songs, the dress attire, and the country feel to it.

Lastly, George Strait is the best country singer in country music and a great actor. Any movie with him singing in it makes a good movie. He has a lot of songs that are number one hits and no one in country music has ever made it to his level. His cowboy hat shows that he is an oldie, because not many new ones wear one. His acting is amazing. It is a must see in my opinion.

Reviewed by Lechuguilla 3 / 10

The George Strait Show

A country/western singer named Dusty (George Strait) becomes dissatisfied with the lights, smoke, and general glitz of his own stage extravaganza and seeks out his simpler roots. It's up to his manager Lula (Lesley Ann Warren) to improvise, given Dusty's lack of professionalism. It's a weak, dull story premise that's been done before.

But the main problem is that the script seems written with only one point in mind ... to showcase the talents of George Strait. A big part of the "plot", especially in the first half, is Strait singing on-stage to the whoops and hollers of male fans and the swoons of female fans. The DVD "special features" includes a mini-bio of Strait, a listing of albums by Strait, and a listing of number 1 songs by Strait. The entire film, and accompanying "features", screams ... sales promotion of George Strait.

Beyond that, Strait has a nice voice, but can't act. The script requires very little for him to do except be himself. Yet his delivery of lines is awkward and self-conscious as if he knows he's reading from cue cards. In scenes with veteran actress Lesley Ann Warren, Strait's performance is almost embarrassing. Other performances also are weak.

Visuals are acceptable but hardly noteworthy; ditto costumes and production design. Music is pure Strait.

If you're a big fan of George Strait you'll no doubt either whoop and holler, or swoon. I like some of his songs. But I do not like watching a film wherein the entire script orbits a famous celebrity, particularly when the film's only rationale is to advertise and promote the career of a celebrity who can't act.

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