Puppet Master X: Axis Rising


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 743


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awab_avril 1 / 10

Oh my God, Why ?!

I was wondering while watching, did the actors in this movie laugh at themselves while acting. I have no idea how the idea of this movie developed because a sane person would never think that this can be a good movie. It is better to burn money than producing this crap. I'll tell you what, I am almost certain that I can act way better than anybody in this movie. The accent are simply sh*t. Oh my goodness! Any person with a brain would recognize that the accents were off and wrong. As for the characters, an old scientist who has a family that is being taken hostage that loves his young enemy whorish prono looking woman. The two ridiculous kids, and some military men who are very irrational. Nevermind the dolls! Yes the dolls are heroes here. I want to say no more than avoid this movie unless you have absolutely no other option.

Reviewed by a_chinn 4 / 10

Too jokey, but little things fighting big things is a formula that works

Blade, Jester, Tunneler, Pinhead, Six Shooter, and Leech Woman are back! Okay, maybe that doesn't really warrant an exclamation mark, but this is the tentpole franchise of Full Moon Features, now reaching ten films in all (eleven if you count "Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys"). Writer/director/producer Charles Band is also back, but I was kind of disappointed by this sequel. Our WWII era heroes from the previous films, Danny and Beth, are back as well, though played by new actors, and find a post-WWII Nazi plot to create an army of their own evil puppets to do their bidding, using a Re-Animatior like green serum extracted from our puppet protagonists. Not that any of the films in this franchise are exactly brilliant, but this one felt too jokey. I did like it when the franchise introduced the Nazi storyline and had our homicidal puppet heroes fighting the Axis Powers, but this entry was just silly and also continued the unfortunate recent trend of Full Moon Features including casual racism, seen in this film with in addition of an evil Japanese puppet named Kamikaze. However, I do still enjoy watching little things fighting big things (i.e. "Attack of the Puppet People" "Dollman" "Child's Play" etc.) when it's not CGI, so even though this entry wasn't all that good, it did still entertain.

Reviewed by jacobjohntaylor1 9 / 10

A great horror film

Why do this get a 4.3? This movie has a great story line. It is very scary. It has great acting. It has great special effects. It is better then The Shinning and that is not easy to do. I give this 9 out of 10. This a very scary movie. It is so scary. If this movie does not scary you know movie will. This a very scary movie. If it does not scary you know movie will. If you want to get scared see this movie. It will scary you. This is better then A Nightmare on elm street. You may not want to watch this alone. It very scary. See it. It is a great horror film. If you like a good horror movie then you will like this movie. It is a great movie.

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