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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beorhhouse 7 / 10

Spiritual Revenge At Its Best

This film seems unfocused until the very end when poetic justice takes over and everything--or almost everything--straightens itself out. The acting is superb, but I could have done without the porno office party and the perverts inhabiting it. All of that could have been suggested, with more focus on the protagonist.

Reviewed by one-nine-eighty 3 / 10

I suffered a Psychosis from watching it till the end - yawn yawn yawn

Reg Traviss directs this 2010 suspense/thriller film which features Charisma (the brunette from 'Buffy' the TV series) Carpenter, Paul Sculfor and even features a turn by Justin Hawkins from the band 'The Darkness'.

In 1992 some anarchist environmentalist protesters are butchered in the middle of the English countryside while trying to prevent the construction of a motorway. Flash forward 15 years into the future and Susan Golden (Carpenter) is a top selling novelist, she moves into the country estate with her husband where the butchering previously occurred. After some time she starts seeing things and is slowly driven mad. A massive plot twist at the end shows how and why the madness occurred but don't worry, it made for another best selling novel that her husband could sell for his own gains.

The acting is wooden and unconvincing, at no point did I feel that Carpenter and Sculfor were close let alone married. The plot was predictable, after about 15 minutes of the visions I'd worked out what would occur at the end. This felt more like a low budget Hammer House film which is an insult to Hammer more than this film. There was occasional nudity and gore but not enough to write home about. I've read some of the reviews on here which suggest the twists and turns are deeper than they appear on the surface and therefore are brilliant but I strongly disagree, I found this film duller than dishwater and won't be in a rush to watch it again or recommend it. I'm awarding this 3 out of 10 and even that I feel is a big more generous that it deserves. More drama than horror, more yawn than thrills. Happiest when the credits rolled.

Reviewed by Joxerlives 7 / 10

Not bad horror flick but Charisma makes it for me

Huge Buffy/Angel fan and watched this on the Horror Channel (wow, actual horror on the Horror Channel, rare these days) largely because Charisma Carpenter is in it (just as I only watch Gossip Girl when Michelle Tractenberg is on as Georgina). Not the best film in the world but glad I watched it. I actually met Charisma at a convention a few years back (just as beautiful and charming in real life) and seeing her hairstyle in this I realise now she was in the UK filming this at the time and had just taken the weekend off to earn herself an easy $20,000 signing 2000 autographs (including my copy of Playboy with her posing nude).

The Good; really did remind me of Hammer House of Horror and a lot of the old horror anthologies you used to get. I later learned that I was spot on, this is a remake of a segment of the 1983 horror anthology 'Screamtime'. It's shocks are very good, the violence suitably nasty and a good performance from Charisma, similar to her scenes in the Angel ep 'To Shanshu in LA' where she's losing her mind. They throw a lot of sex into the mix too, not only with the cheating husband and his scantily clad bimbos but the scene where Charisma gets drug raped by his henchman (or does she? The way she grabs his hand during their sex makes you wonder if she's actually surrendered to her dark desires and become a willing participant in her own ravishment?).

The twist in the tail is a kicker, very clever and probably what attracted everyone to a remake in the first place. I had to rewatch it a couple of times before I realised that she's being tortured not by visions of what HAS taken place as everyone thought but by premonitions of what's GOING to take place. Good news for her as it means she'll no longer be driven crazy by it once it's happened and can get out of the asylum to enjoy spending her royalties, bad news for her cheating rat husband and the poor folks who moved into their house.

The Bad; The cheapness of the production shows through in many scenes. Will we ever have an American film set in the UK where they don't drive past famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament? (Interesting in 'Screamtime' the sub-stories were all set in Britain but framed by a overall story set in New York to give it transatlantic appeal). Some of the acting by the supporting cast is pretty rubbish, I'm not sure what Justin Hawkins of the band The Darkness was doing in this, he's not David Bowie. It's pretty obvious from the start that the husband is trying to 'Gaslight' Charisma, he may as well have 'villain' stamped on his forehead.

So all told, enjoyable film and I'm glad I watched it. 7/10

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