Promised Land


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 32866


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Matt Damon as Steve Butler
John Krasinski as Dustin Noble
Lucas Black as Paul Geary
Frances McDormand as Sue Thomason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TownRootGuy 7 / 10

Left-leaning but not preachy or too heavy-handed.

90's me would want to jump in time and kick my old ass for saying this but Damon does a good job, as he usually does. Ugh, Gigli proved I backed the wrong buddy.

This movie is a must see for Damon fans and anybody who wants to know more about the fracking industry. It has good info AND it doesn't have to pump you full of toxic chemicals to get some laughs out of you.

It's a pretty good show and I can watch it every 5 years or so.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 6 / 10

Could have been better but still watchable.

I would have scored Promised Land a seven instead of a six if it was not for the ending that I found too far fetched. It could have been better with another ending. You for sure can not trust any big corporation on this planet as money and profit are the only things that count in their eyes but the story could have been better with a more realistic outcome. The cast is good though. Matt Damon always delivers as an actor. He's an actor and a human being with good values, somebody that I really appreciate. So it's always nice to watch him in a movie. But in Promised Land there were so many options where the story could have gone to and unfortunately I think they didn't choose the best options. But all in all it's not a bad movie, just an average one, good to watch once.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 7 / 10

Despite the controversy this didn't leave its mark on me

This was okay, it didn't leave as much of an impression on me as it was probably meant to with its controversial subject matter but it is a quality film. Beautifully shot, with a fantastic cast and involving story. Its also funny at times and for the most part involving if a little dry.

Matt Damon is Steve Butler, a salesman for a natural gas company who along with his partner Sue(Frances McDormand) arrive in a small Pennsylvania town to secure drilling rights for a natural-gas company. Steve goes door to door and promises millions to the financially suffering farmers, holds a town meeting in the gym, where he gets shut down by a retired science teacher (the awesome Hal Holbrook) and then proceeds to get drunk in the local bar where he meets a schoolteacher who he repeatedly lets know, "I'm a good guy". Obviously Steve is doubting himself since he's sold out to the man. Steve's conscience plays heavily into this story, whereas to Sue, she tells us its just a job.

Before long the leader of an environmental group (John Krasinski) shows up and works the townsfolk against Steve so that despite the economic down turn the townspeople are no longer willing to just accept whatever deal is laid before them. Seems like this sure thing deal isn't going to be so easy.

Both Matt Damon and John Kransinski do a great job in conveying their character's qualities and aspirations and I also enjoyed the relationship between Matt and Frances, you do get to know all these characters and in that respect this film shines. A bit of a twist towards the end just in case you felt pulled in one direction or the other ethically but all in not a film I'm going to remember for long. 5/3/16

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