Prom Night


Action / Horror / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 39%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 12381


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Leslie Nielsen as Mr. Hammond
Antoinette Bower as Mrs. Hammond
Michele Scarabelli as Dancer at Prom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 6 / 10

Canadian slasher from the Golden Age

Canadian slasher movie starring Leslie Nielsen & arguably the most famous scream queen/final girl of all time Jamie Leigh Curtis. Simple plot about teens getting killed in revenge for the death of a child several years before. Apart from the opening sequence there's very little horror until the final half hour, ie the Prom Night, where the unknown killer makes an appearance. The microphone also makes several appearances throughout! Some slasher fans may get bored, and the endless disco scenes won't help. Apart from a decapitation there's not much gore either. However this is one of the best known titles from the Golden Age of the slasher movie & is essential viewing for those of us who just love these films.

Reviewed by chancedelhomme 9 / 10

Alternate Twist: Back Story (Fan-Based)

When Nick, Wendy, Jude & Kelly were playing "Killers Are Coming" in the abandoned convent (which was such a dangerous structure for these kids to be running around in), and Robin interrupted their twisted variation of Hide & Go Seek...just what was the last man standing (in this case Nick) going to win/lose? Oddly enough, Nick was the catalyst for Robin's literal downfall that day; instead of warning her that Warpath Wendy would target her mercilessly and ushering her out of the building before the others caught him, he screamed "Here Killers, Here!" (which might have been one of their rules in case an outsider intervened), getting the attention of his three co-conspirators who literally scared Robin to death! Nick always seemed the guiltiest of the four, from the get-go when he started to mention that they needed to "get somebody, quick!" but outnumbered by the three girls, he agreed to the pact and still felt totally guilty six years later on the day of the prom during his romantic scenes with Kim.

WHAT IF??? Nick ran home that day in 1974 and confessed everything to his father, Lt. McBride...who in turn was looking for a reason to capture local pedophile Leonard Murch, and decided to cover up his son's crime by blaming Murch, leading to his car explosion capture? McBride seemed to be a single father in the 1980 story, and I always thought he was a widower but there were no paintings or photos of Nick's missing mother in their apartment (but there was a framed photo by Nick's phone of him and another guy on a tennis court). I'm assuming that Mrs. McBride was devastated over her young son's malicious mayhem & subsequent coverup by her cop she flew the coop and left them both! (I know, like the mothers in Happy Birthday To Me and the original Scream did). Maybe Mrs. McBride was friends with Mrs. Hammond at the time and couldn't bear to see her friend suffer at the hands of her own family! And maybe she couldn't live with the fact that her husband framed an innocent man (at least at that time) of Robin's murder. Maybe Lt. McBride and Wendy's obviously wealthy unseen no-show father conspired to keep their children's crime a secret? I know all of this couldn't play out in the 90min movie (with the post-production tacked-on Leonard Murch scenes still in tact!).

Speaking of Nick & Kim, after all that time...their Senior year romance seemed to be new since Wendy's jilted lover routine didn't come off as desperate like they've been fighting over him since they were 12!

I just wonder about these things years later!

Reviewed by smatysia 3 / 10

Not a very good film, even by "standards" of the genre.

Not a very good film, even by the "standards" of the genre. There was surprisingly little gore, until one particular scene. (This is not a complaint) Very little gratuitous nudity. (Maybe a little bit of a complaint) The acting, sets, direction, etc. place it firmly in the B category, which is fine. Leslie Nielsen seemed to be mailing it in. Jamie Lee Curtis was so young that her craft may not have been well-developed, seeing that she became a fine actress. The director seems to have made his career in television, and it showed. This is kind of a waste of time.

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