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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sigynnez 8 / 10


Well, I don't usually write reviews, unless the movie deserve it, and this one does.

First of all, I was kind of not fond to watch this one, because I was on a streak of bad movies, and this one didn't inspired me hope or trust at all.

I was wrong.

It have its flaws, sure! It is an indie with super adjusted budget.

But it i very good.

Savannah Liles have it all, and I loved how she played 'Ellie'.

FX are in some scenes, not over the movie, and were very good and effective when they were used.

The bad: some things about the psychologist story with the agent who bring him to Ellie, and the actress for that character didn't conviced me. And Ryan's character was really stupid and was there for no reason (except for a 'nice' part near the end). Predictable end (is forgivable)

The good: Great concept, good script. Good performances.

THE BEST: Savannah Liles as Ellie (I need to see more of this girl) and the FX.

Watch at your own risk. But for me it worth it.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

Surprisingly Good Low Budget Film

The psychologist Dr. Fonda (Richard Neil) is invited by his colleague and friend Dr. Olivia (Jolene Andersen) to analyze the girl Ellie (Savannah Liles) in a military facility directed by Mr. Birch (Emilio Palame). Dr. Fonda is monitored by experts and must decide the fate of Ellie, who is the result of a failed military experiment. Soon Dr. Fonda discovers that Ellie is an intelligent girl and also a menace since she has powerful abilities and the military intend to destroy her. But Dr. Fonda foresees a chance to control her. What will be Ellie´s fate?

"Prodigy" is a surprisingly good low budget film. The storyline is tense and attractive but the conclusion is predictable. The plot is not original and there are many other films with powerful kids (maybe "Carrie" is the most famous) and Ellie recalls Carrie associated to Dr. Hannibal Lecter. But the conflict between emotion and reason is interesting. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Prodigy"

Reviewed by TomSawyer 2112 7 / 10

Emotions vs Intelligence

Quite a nice movie this was.

Good acting, specially from the main actors. The girl, yes, the more you act cold, the more vulnerable you are inside.

This is a movie without action, pace, change of location, change of story. It's close to Morgan, but does not take its action path.

It could be played in a theatre. It kept me interested from start to end.

Not that it was brilliantly clever, as the girl was, it has its clichés of stereotype characters, but clever enough not try to tackle my intelligence.

So if you are a person of self-inspection, you will enjoy this movie.

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