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Meryl Streep as Lisa Metzger
Uma Thurman as Rafi Gardet
Bryan Greenberg as David Bloomberg
Annie Parisse as Katherine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Renz Vallarta 9 / 10

Unnecessary hate from "critics" and closed-minded viewers.

If you will interpret the rating of this film as anything, interpret it as the ratio of open-minded viewers (60% of ratings) against the closed-minded people (about 40%) who view this as some sort of religion or cultural message to everyone in the world - or perhaps just view every movie as a just statement of how everything should be. It's really not.


This is a film that took a more mature route - given it's difficult and common issues at hand, than what some people would have accepted. One of the reviews here called the ending as "black-and-white" thinking and degraded it for sending the message that "it isn't ethical or right to commit to marriage at such a young age". The movie was not at all biased about this issue, and rather took it maturely and accurately. If you look closely, as mature as Dave seemed to be and how willing he was to work things out, he couldn't give Raf a thoughtful answer as to why he decided he wants a baby with her. He is young and emotional, and at the moment it showed how uncertain he was - but don't mistaken his true love for her; commitment and love are separate things. The issue of whether it's a good idea to proceed with a relationship with that kind of age gap is all a matter of personality and circumstances.

Dave is an emerging artist, and although he could be mature enough to handle a serious relationship and children, it would conflict far too much with his type of career and his current position this early in the art industry. If Dave was someone who worked a stable job with good pay, this wouldn't be a problem and the outcome of the film could be very different.

This is an extremely honest film and it has some of the most touching characters I've ever seen in a "chick-flick". It makes me so sad that Raf's "childish" wonder and her attraction to a younger man like Dave is probably rooted from the robbing of her "childhood" by her family's upbringing of her, and her early marriage. She deserves Dave so much.

If there is any kind of flaw in this film, it would be that Dave's upbringing should've pushed him into that commitment with Raf of getting married. I don't know much about Judaism, but as a Christian, marrying at a younger age is very common, and Dave is more than capable of doing that with Raf. The conflict of love and profession is a timeless tragedy.

Reviewed by Davis P 8 / 10

Well done romantic comedy-drama

Prime starring Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg is not exactly your typical romantic Hollywood movie. Streep is of course great in her role as the therapist of the 37 year old woman her 23 year old son is currently seeing. Uma Thurman was pretty good Rafael. I liked her performance mostly in the dramatic scenes, the deep talks her and Greenberg would have. Bryan Greenberg also gives a very good performance here, he wasn't just the cliché male love interest, his performance gives his character a good amount of depth. I liked the chemistry between Greenberg and Thurman, it worked. Good on screen chemistry is sooo damn important, without it, why should I as the viewer care about what happens to these people in the romantic relationship? Streep's chemistry with Thurman during the therapy sessions works too. That is mainly where the comedy comes into play. Hearing Thurman vividly describe the sexual proclivities of her and Streep's son is just flat out hysterical! Some of the lines of dialogue Thurman has to deliver with such passion are so hilarious, and Streep's horrified reaction to it all is perfect! Awesome comedic situation. That really was the only part of the whole movie where I laughed and thought what was happening was funny, which is good because the rest of the film is supposed to be dramatic, and the drama works very well. The ending to the movie isn't cliché, and I love it for that! The ending is actually very touching. 8/10

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

Greenberg and comedy both flat

Rafi Gardet (Uma Thurman) is a tired divorced 37-year-old Manhattan career woman. She begins a romance with 24-year-old painter David Bloomberg (Bryan Greenberg). Her therapist Lisa Metzger (Meryl Streep) approves of her new happiness with a younger man. Only Lisa doesn't know that it's her son David. She isn't as approving of a non-Jewish girlfriend for David. Eventually she makes the connection. It's a minefield of questionable professional ethics and moral ambiguity.

It's a slow romantic indie start and then it introduces a fascinating premise. It's got the Streep monster and Uma Thurman is also a great actress. Greenberg is light weight by comparison. The movie tries to be a New York quirky comedy but Greenberg doesn't have the charisma or the comic chops. He's not much more than a simple boy toy. Uma isn't funny either although Streep is brilliant as always. The couple needs sharper dialog for stronger chemistry. I want this to be good for Streep's sake but I was bored.

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