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Meryl Streep as Lisa Metzger
Uma Thurman as Rafi Gardet
Bryan Greenberg as David Bloomberg
Annie Parisse as Katherine
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Reviewed by wolflady26 2 / 10

Pointless! (Extremely Mild Spoilers Within)

This was easily one of the most pointless movies I've seen recently. Basically, two characters fall in love and then whine a lot. Some important topics that people in love must handle come up, including a wide age gap and differences in religion, but those issues are never really handled. They are simply used for conflict and then discarded.

Meryl Streep's character is utterly pointless. It seems like the only reason for including this character in the movie is to create trailers that make this totally unfunny movie appear to be a comedy. It's not. I don't think there was a single point where I even was tempted to crack a smile.

The characterization was ham-fisted. Uma Thurman's character is described as being wonderful, but there is never anything to show why. The male lead is young, leading Thurman to believe that he can't provide her with what he needs, but he is never shown as being undependable. The random stabs at demonstrating these points are so old and tired that it's amazing they'd get written into yet another film - he wants to play Nintendo when she wants to have sex (of course, she presumably bought him the Nintendo, even after a friend warned her that could happen sometimes). He sleeps with someone else while "on a break." Do we really need to see these tired clichés warmed over yet again? All in all, this was a very "day in the life" film, with no message, no goal, no resolution, and worst of all, no fun.

Reviewed by tragic_slider 8 / 10

Feels like real life on screen

I happened to catch the second half on HBO one night. I saw the entire movie a few nights later. I could easily watch it through again -- I was really drawn into the movie. I had to look it up on IMDb just because I was thinking about it so much.

There's a lot of negative reviews here, much more than the movie deserves. Movies are like people -- some you despise, many leave you indifferent, and some just really *click*. My roommate came back from "Saw III" hyper and proclaiming it the "BEST movie EVER!!!" -- I can guarantee you he wouldn't care for this. "Prime" also doesn't have any of the typical emotional manipulations found in your average rom-com. It makes do with much subtler if still dramatic material. For example: the meeting between Rafi and David is low-key, slightly awkward, nothing like, say, the Ferris wheel scene in "The Notebook". Ryan Gosling threatening suicide to get a date is certainly entertaining, but it also leaves me slightly detached, too aware this is a story for my viewing pleasure.

"Prime" is the anti-"Grease". There's nothing STYLIZED about it; no fairy-tale ending. If you can do with such accoutrements you'll be sucked in, especially if you can relate to the very upper-middle-class New York viewpoint that permeates it. Another reviewer was quite insightful in comparing it to "Annie Hall".

As for the relentless disparagement of Bryan Greenberg in the male lead: you've got to be kidding me!!!! He doesn't play the role the way, say, a young Al Pacino would play it. His persona is understated, relaxed almost to the point of passivity, slightly unsure, sarcastic and naive and vulnerable all at once. Completely believable as a 23-year-old who would appeal to and be attracted to a 37-yr-old divorcée. A more typical male lead his age wouldn't be dating Uma Thurman, he'd be charming Natalie Portman or Jessica Alba. Take the scene where he's trying to connect with the stoic doorman -- I totally cracked up and at the same time couldn't help but admire how true-to-life it felt. Everything about that scene bespoke an upper-middle-class 20-something living with his grandparents and lacking direction.

Not to mention that the intimacy between Rafi and David felt so natural that I felt convinced that Uma and Bryan had something off-screen during filming. The way they looked at each other, shared each other's space... the lust didn't seem acted, I'll put it that way.

To Ben Younger: despite all the people out there who don't get it, there are some of us who do. You really did an amazing job, and I doubt I'll ever forget "Bubbe" knocking herself with that frying pan... Lol.

Reviewed by botner 9 / 10

Way Better Than It Has Any Right to Be

A great, great movie, especially when one considers the stinkers that usually litter the romantic comedy landscape.

This movie was smart, funny and most importantly, REAL. The cheese is held to a minimum and characters do and say things that real people say. No monologues that sound like they were cribbed from 'Chicken Soup for the Soul', just real people reacting to each other and their circumstances.

Meryl Streep is great in this (and this is coming from a straight, twenty-something male) and Uma Thurman and Brian Greenberg have a real chemistry together. There are some real classic lines in this and it's a million times funnier and smarter than say, 'Monster in Law' or 'Just Like Heaven'.

As one who usually cringes my way through 9 out of 10 'chick flicks' this is the rare one out the ten that passes muster, and does so in a big way. I fear that this movie will be overshadowed by a bunch of other new releases when it comes out, but this one really deserves an audience.

Very underrated. One of the better films I've seen all year.

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