Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Luke Goss as Brian
Erica Carroll as Leanne
Michael Eklund as Jimmy
Tyler Johnston as Jesse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kaleb Miller 2 / 10

Monotone very slow movie

This movie seems to be good from the description and actors in it but it never really takes off. The entire movie is monotone and doesn't deserved to be called a thriller! I love movies with this kind of story line and in this genre but I'm here to save you the time and let you know I believe you'll be very disappointed and realize you've lost an hour and 45 minutes of your life.

The actors are decent, I believe the main role may have been better suited for someone like Mark Whalburg. And it's almost like there's 2 totally different plots until the last 30 minutes of the story. Definitely not as thrilling as desired. The idea is a good one just not carried out by the staff to its potential!!

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 8 / 10

A very good inde-movie that deserves to be seen. Very gritty and real. I am really shocked at how much I enjoyed this. I say B+

"I've got three months before this whole thing blows up in my face." Brian (Goss) is having a bad day. First he gets laid off, then gets in a fight with his wife, then finds out the savings he thought he had isn't as much as he was expecting. He stops at a bar to think and finds an old friend who says he can help. Risking everything Brian gives him all he has. When two young kids interfere with the plans everyone's life is affected. Going in to this I had no idea what to expect. I was very surprised with what I got and really really enjoyed this. The movie is tense and you aren't really sure what character to root for and it stays that way for just about the entire movie. Equal parts drama and action, this a the most realistic movie of this type I have seen. You will see what I mean when you watch this. I just put it in as background while I was doing something else but found myself 100% involved about 20 minutes in. I really enjoyed this. Overall, gritty, real and de-pressing...see what I did there. I give it an B+.

Reviewed by gianclaudio-dedamme 7 / 10

Pressed ... the "on" button (glad I did it)

I think this is another fine, low-budget Canadian movie. Well shot and performed, with real-life characters and situations, the former being accurately depicted. It's a just stuck-in-a-bad-situation-getting-worser-and-worser case, but with a refreshing point of view. The storyline is original, the cast delivers an excellent job, Luke Goss has charisma and Donnelly's directorial style is effective. Not outstanding, but definitely well worth a watch. It's the kind of small movie with no artistic ambitions, nonetheless fueled with talent and passion. After "Gunless", another good example of highly-entertaining feature film.

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