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Carl Weathers as Dillon
Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator / Helicopter Pilot
Shane Black as Hawkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andymcgraw-95291 9 / 10

Army commandos hunted by an alien

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team are hunted by an alien warrior in the Vietnamese forest.

Reviewed by TyJustice 8 / 10

A fun, action flick that I would consider a classic.

I read on the IMDb trivia that Arnold was originally wary of the original script that featured just him facing off against the Predator, and thank goodness for the rewrite. All of the supporting characters compliment the plot near perfectly, and they all have simple, easy to follow character traits and motivations that make for easy investment without taking away from our lead - Dutch, played by Arnold.

The setting of the film is fun, believable and engaging. It certainly brings the jungle alive and pulls you into the story. The score plays a big part in the storytelling, and does a phenomenal job at creating the mood and atmosphere for the scenes that it takes place in. The sound design is what I would personally compliment the most, as I do not believe the film would be the same without the way the jungle sounded so authentic, the effects of all the different types of gunfire used, and not to mention the iconic sounds that brought the Predator to life.

A seamless film with little to no dull moments, would be the perfect addition to anyone's collection for all sorts of occasions.

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 9 / 10

Get to da chopper!

Well this really sums it up doesn't it? Action films from the 80's are in my opinion unparalleled, no other period in film making perfected the genre as well as this glorious decade did, and "Predator" was one of the best.

Probably the joint biggest star in Hollywood at the time, it either had to be Arnie or Stallone didn't it, and in this film it was Arnie who got the nod; pure testosterone fueled manly action in a time before action heroes became weak and filled with needless emotion, as is the case in today's world.

The acting itself wasn't exactly great, but who cares about that, this isn't a quintessential period drama, this is pure bad-to-the-bones action nothing more, throw in a bit of the old sci-fi and you've got a winner.

"Predator" is a proper popcorn muncher, the action is raw and doesn't stop for a heartbeat, it just keeps going and keeps going, characters are disposed of periodically by the mysterious predator, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout; yes there were other "Predator" and "Predator" related films over the years, but nothing will ever beat the original.

Particularly I enjoyed how they kept the titular villain hidden behind a wall of invisible energy, this greatly added to the suspense by not giving away the creatures appearance, it allowed your imagination to do the work, something a lot of modern film makers don't seem to understand.

Other than the obvious predator itself, there was very little in the way of special effects, the film instead relied on raw, gritty realism to convey the action, again something a lot of modern film makers don't seem to understand.

Definitely a one to watch for any film fan, just sit back and enjoy.

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