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Reviewed by rockin2121 4 / 10

Movie review?

I haven't actually seen the movie but Its just a comment. You people make it impossible for me to trust any reviews when half of you say its a 10 and half say its horrible. It can't be both, lets be real. A ten is The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, the Exorcist and I very much doubt this movie I am about to watch even comes close to that unless you are planting a review. So I beg you please think about what you are doing before you give every movie a 10, 9 or 8. thanks people!! I have to give this movie something so I will guess at a 5 and I bet it will be worse....Just this hope this helps for future raters!

Okay now I have see this movie and now I will rate it. It was not a 5 like I first guessed. It was definitely a 4.

Reviewed by victoryismineblast 3 / 10

Mostly a waste of time

Prank is the story of two bullied geeks and their sometime friend, a chubby girl with the unlikely name of "Chunk", who decide to pull a prank on their two tormentors.

This is all filmed with a semi-broken camcorder that one of them is always using to film the action. A few pranks are planned but nothing really pans out.

Here is where my criticism of the movie begins. Most of the dialogue seems forced. Chunk's dialogue in particular is so stupid that it takes you out of the movie. Every other sentence she utters concludes with the word "man."

All of the characters are portrayed as stereotypes, from the black man to the geek to the bully etc. This becomes grating after a while. Nothing interesting happens for long periods of time, and then one of the characters has a total personality change and at least some things start to happen.

What does happen, though, isn't really that interesting, as we don't really care for any of these unsympathetic people or their actions.

There are a couple of things that do happen in the last 15 minutes or so that save this from being a total waste. I would have voted a 1 had it not been for a couple of semi-interesting twists.

Reviewed by trashgang 1 / 10

great cover, bad flick

When this one came out here in Europe it was immediately sold for a few Euro's. That made me pick up this Blu Ray guess it was 2 or 3 Euro's and the cover looked promising.

The story is very simple. After being bullied for years it's time for revenge and a prank is set-up. But you have to sit throughout almost the whole flick to see the prank. It takes over 40 minutes before the red stuff comes in and things go awry you think. But two minutes later we are back to blah blah and that's exactly what we do have here. A lot of talking. The only thing I started watching was Connor's T-shirts. They were mostly funny. I could stand up to the hand held camera and the shaky movements. Yes, another found footage flick. But an extreme boring one. I just kept watching it to see of something would happen in stead of talking, it didn't.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5

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