Powder Blue


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 13210


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Eddie Redmayne as Qwerty Doolittle
Jessica Biel as Rose-Johnny
Patrick Swayze as Velvet Larry
Ray Liotta as Jack Doheny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 6 / 10

blue movie blue

Deep, moody film, unsettling, with an overdose of despondency. Ideal fare for those who wish to wallow in their own terminally depressive states. Me, I'm just a perv, I was checking up on STRIPTEASE on Wikipedia, when I Googled I got a link to the best striptease movies ever, so last week I watched CLOSER, this week, POWDER BLUE. I was thrilled to hear that Jessica Biel was in it, as a stripper, mind you, hell, she made me look at (I still can only shake my head) that show with the reverend, I'm not going to even mention its name, but really, me watch the Religious Right's flagship TV show? I just hovered around the TV and watched when she and her kid sister was on. This, of course, is way at the other end of the spectrum. Too dark, too melancholy, too depressing, but the sight of Jessica on stage is worth my every effort. So, it's a long way from the old days of a politically-correct holy-righteous TV show to this mixture of lust and redemption. Still, when I think of her, I'd always remember SUMMER CATCH, again, not my kind of movie, too much damned baseball, but what a dreamgirl.

Show me all the nudity in the world, if it doesn't come along with the soulful eyes, what's the point? And Jessica has them. Lovely eyes you can gaze into, and see love. A thing of beauty, as that other reviewer said.

Of course, the people who watched that unmentioned TV show wouldn't watch POWDER BLUE, unless on the sly, what with the straying-from-the-flock menfolk...

Getting back to the movie itself, it is not exactly guaranteed to put you in a fun frame of mind. An ex-priest who lost his young wife and wishes to be put out of his misery, but who doesn't want to pull the trigger himself, entices all and sundry, including a transsexual prostitute, with the lure of big money, into doing the deed. He meets Sandy (Lisa Kudrow, downbeat from FRIENDS), a waitress, and life seems to begin to have meaning again. A stripper with a cocaine habit and a kid in a coma, is confronted by her long-lost, morose and dying Dad, even as she finds love with a mortician, a geeky misfit who shares her love for animals. Whole lot of drug use, origin of movie title, obviously.

I have to stipulate, my DVD is just a plain version, no subtitles, and there are a lot of places where subtitles would have really helped. Watching for a second tine now, I catch on to stuff I missed the first time round. The blue snow bit I find to be overly-dramatic. After all, it hardly ever even rains in California, and here you have this blue ice...? Heaps of it?

If it wasn't for Jessica, I wouldn't have been remotely interested in this. Yes, there are powerful emotions here, but, no, the story itself is not the kind of thing I want to watch. Not that there aren't cute romantic moments, like the trolley cart scene.

P.S. Hell, that was Patrick Swayze???? Went through the entire movie without realizing.

Reviewed by OBXconsumer 4 / 10

Powder Blue

Ugh - I saw all the good actors listed and so I watched this movie. Can I erase my memory? Maybe go to Total Recall and pay to have it removed? I just wanted to know how the little boy got in the coma. Is that too much to ask?? It was really depressing and I guess the only moral to the story is that if you just get through it things might get better if you can make a connection with someone else before you get so depressed you want to shoot yourself in the head. I also could not understand how Ray Liotta's character was deep in snow but The stripper and the mortician - there was no snow. The snow was blue - so that explained the title of the movie but still did not make sense. I just found the movie a little disturbing all-in-all. It was about as shallow as Demi Moore's stripper debut movie and that other awful movie I had managed to forget with the redhead stripper from Head of the Class but she could not act and these people could. I will steer clear of Crash and Magnolia, since others are hinting that this movie is even worse than those. I will only have to conclude for myself that the little boy is in a coma because his coke-head mom crashed the car or dropped him on his head. She didn't deserve to have a dog either.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

fails to maintain interest in disjointed narrative

It's the Christmas season in L.A. Rose Johnny (Jessica Biel) is a drug-addicted stripper at Velvet Larry (Patrick Swayze)'s sleazy strip club with a coma kid in the hospital. Her dog escapes from her motel room and gets run over by shy mortician Qwerty Doolittle (Eddie Redmayne). Jack Doheny (Ray Liotta) is just released after 25 years in prison. His former boss Randall (Kris Kristofferson) gives him a suitcase full of money and directions to Rose Johnny. Charlie (Forest Whitaker) is a suicidally depressed ex-priest. He picks up transsexual prostitute Lexus (Alejandro Romero) and offers her his life savings of $50k to kill him with his gun. Doolittle is struggling for money and Charlie shows up offering the same deal. Waitress Sally (Lisa Kudrow) tries to show Charlie some kindness.

These characters are all lost. There is an emptiness in these characters and quite frankly in this movie. The actors try their best but filmmaker Timothy Linh Bui can't really pull it all together. The scattered nature of the narrative diffuses any tension. It just fails to maintain my interest in these people. Somewhere in the first half, it needs to reveal the connections and the backstories.

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