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Carrie-Anne Moss as Aurelia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 5 / 10

By The Numbers.

Most of the reviews capture the main elements of the movie. If it missed a cliché, I missed the missing of it. Just an example. We know that in slasher movies the supposedly dead villain leaps back to life. The earliest and best example of such an event is from "Wait Until Dark" (1967). Here, one of the more dislikable heavies -- Kiefer Sutherland as the pompous representative of Rome -- gets to pull the stunt twice.

There are three blacks in the movie. They're all friends and caretakers of the white people. One by one, they are picked off. Usually the white hero and heroine (Kit Harrington and Emily Browning) get away alive, but in this case everyone perishes, with the two lovers turned into upright statues of ash.

Those clumsy looking human forms that we've all seen from Pompeii are interesting. None were upright, of course. Pompeii was buried under thirty feet of ash, left alone for some 1,700 years, until in the early 19th century some of the men wielding shovels found that their shoes sometimes broke through the crust into hollows below. Then archaeologists began to locate the holes and fill them with plaster.

But that's neither here nor there. Without giving the matter much if any importance, I picked up scenes (or suggestions of scenes) from "Gladiator," "Spartacus," "Titanic," "The Horse Whisperer". and one or two others I've forgotten.

In return for sitting through the formulaic events, you get in return a massive display of visual effects: flaming meteors, boulders falling from the sky, a giant tsunami, fires, earthquakes, landslides, a monstrous pyroclastic flow, and praising the chocolate cake at one of your own restaurants. It's such a shattering experience it will make you think twice. Twice but not three times.

Informative datum. Pompeii had a red light district and the cobblestone street was worn down an inch or so by the heavy wagon traffic, like inverted railroad tracks.

Reviewed by tubularbelle2003 3 / 10

Pointless film

I gave this film 3 stars for the fight scenes only.

The script was poor, the acting more so. It was Titanic with flames instead of water.

The 'lovers' spent most of the film looking rather pathetically at each other.

Other than the volcano the only person I rooted for was Atticus. I couldn't wait for them all to be ashed.

Reviewed by drstockk 5 / 10

Really not very good

This was basically a spin-off and flawed attempt at "Gladiator." The film tries, in vain, to piggyback off the success of Gladiator, while forging a new plot based upon the catastrophe of Pompeii.

Unlike Gladiator, the acting and general screen presence of all of the actors, including seasoned ones like Keifer Sutherland and Carrie- Anne Moss, was abysmal. I was really disappointed in Keifer. Normally, his acting is spot-on. In this particular cinematic atrocity, he was really not believable, and his accent was really poorly executed. When every actor's performance in a film sucks, there invariably exists a serious flaw with the casting and script.

The characters were not cast as regal or noble, just snotty, sarcastic, and incapable of empathy. The graphics were akin to "The Day After Tomorrow," where the ground surreptitiously collapses in every direction, around a sole character. We get it...he won't escape...blah blah blah.

Not recommended.

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