Poker Night


Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
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Ron Perlman as Calabrese
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by welleerdeball 1 / 10

Where is the logic

Terrible directed, terrible performed, there in so logic whatever. This movie is not the worst I've seen but it's bad bad bad. Trying to be smart as other producers but failing long way before the goal line. Please take a step backwards and learn from some other people before even try to to make a movie

Reviewed by toddxdavis 8 / 10

A fun and mysterious ride

This is a talented cast and they play together great. It takes a minute to get the feel of the film but there is not the frequent inspiration to fast forward to a point you care to begin watching.

The Man's Discovery Channel reference is funny considering The Man and the Discovery Channel are neighbors to the north. And the Super Glue reference, subtle and dark while also amusing.

A few flaws, all easy to overlook. The over use of 'sperm' when they should use semen. I guess the writers like saying the wrong s-word.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 6 / 10

The delivery and presentation are a little wobbly, but it is fairly engrossing once it gets going

As part of his initiation, rookie detective Stan Jeter (Beau Mirchoff) takes part in a poker night with some of the best and most experienced cops in the business. Whilst participating in Poker Night our rookie detective must listen to stories from each of the officers highlighting their best arrests, their best achievements or their best examples of heroism. Initially, Jeter takes these stories with a pinch of salt until he finds himself the victim of a kidnapping by a vicious psychopath. Jeter must use all that he's learnt from his more experienced colleagues to try to escape from the mad man whilst he simultaneously tries to rescue a young girl who has also been kidnapped by the psychopath.

Poker Night is a mix between Saw and Training Day which are two films that I found to be enjoyable and both of these 'aspects' of the plotting were strong enough to hold my interest in the story. Unfortunately, when I watch a film and instantly identify similarities between the film I've watched and similar films that have preceded it (particularly similar films that I've really liked) then it's hard not to cast a critical eye over a film like Poker Night....

The structure of the film was something that I found it hard to get used to and, for me, Poker Night seemed to suffer from what I like to call a 'Stop/Start' narrative. What I mean here is that I felt as though every time the picture started to gather momentum (i.e focusing on the kidnapping) the picture would then Stop (by going back to the storytelling). The idea behind this film is that our rookie is supposed to put theory into practice in order to get the better of the man that kidnapped him based on the life experiences of his senior colleagues. However, I just never really felt like there was much of a connection between the stories that Jeter is being told by his colleagues and the way that Jeter tries to deal with the kidnapper. To me Poker Night came across as one part philosophical character studying and one part torture porn, but the 2 elements never really seem to fuse together and never felt as though they were part of the same story. This results in a film that, at times, is sluggish during its storytelling mode, but when the focus is on Jeter and the kidnapper it is much livelier and engrossing. I don't have a problem with talky sections of films if they serve a purpose, but as I've already mentioned I just didn't feel that connection here.

I've touched upon the fact that this film reminded me of Saw and Training Day, but it sadly comes off as a poor man's version of each of these films. It lacks Saw's intelligence and doesn't have the intense storytelling that we saw in Training Day. To compensate for this, the film tries to be clever by tying itself in knots with twist after twist towards the end which to be honest started to become increasingly more far-fetched and ridiculous as the film reached the finish line. The open-ended finale leaves it open for a sequel which is questionable to me given the fact that this first film is only good rather than being brilliant.

To me Poker Night is at its best when the focus is on Jeter, the kidnapper and the girl as these scenes provide us with some intensity and excitement. I would have preferred it if the film would have been more of a battle of wits/race against time horror/thriller (which is how it was sold on Sky Movies). Sadly, the storytelling aspect of the film is episodic, a bit tedious and for the most part feels unrelated from the action. A good film thanks to a number of well-executed and intense set-pieces, but not the brilliant film that it could, and should have been.

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