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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Invader Xan 3 / 10


The unfortunate thing about this movie is there are some genuinely good elements in it which were utterly wasted on a forgettable story.

The cinematography is great. Scenes are (mostly) well shot with some interesting artistic flair. The way the camera work is done for some sequences is distinct and memorable, and reminded me of Stanley Kubrick in places. The handheld camera style at tense moments uses the same trick as with found footage movies, making you feel closer to the action, and almost making you feel like a character yourself at times. It's just a pity that during the more tense action sequences, they resorted to clich├ęs like shaky cam and inexplicably flashing lights.

The setting also has a lot of potential. A remote, isolated house by a lake, surrounded by snow, giving a real sense of isolation. Unfortunately, that feeling is completely squandered in favour of the house's dimly lit and claustrophobic interior. And then at the end when you realise that a neighbouring house is not actually very far away.

Unfortunately, all of this setup eventually gives way to a lacklustre story which seemingly makes up for a lack of substance by making nearly every scene far too drawn out. Everything goes on for just a little bit longer than it needs to and it makes the whole movie feel... tiresome.

To be honest, it felt like half the movie was a long shouting match between three dysfunctional siblings, full of ultimately inconsequential information. I found myself wondering at one point if the plot was ever going to progress beyond three people standing around yelling. It eventually did, but this whole thing amounted to very little beyond an overlong setup for the disappointingly brief section of actual horror. Which would have been more impactful if the scriptwriter had given us any reason to care about the characters.

The ending felt tacked on and contrived, thanks to a complete lack of foreshadowing or setup. Or maybe it was buried somewhere in the scene with all the shouting? It's hard to say.

Ultimately, this movie felt like a waste of time. And there wasn't even an actual pod anywhere to be seen.

Reviewed by xhidden99 1 / 10

It's just screaming. No, seriously

Paranoid Schizophrenic guy with a gun (hey that's a great idea!) wandering around in the snow and obviously not hunting stumbles over something. Maybe real maybe not. Who knows. Calls his brother and starts babbling. Brother goes to sister's apartment because he wants to gather up crazy brother and.......

The screaming starts. Actual no-dialog top of the lungs nonstop your skin is on fire screaming. There's almost no written words to the script after this point. Whatever happens after this is irrelevant to the movie. The movie is about screaming. Just screaming. For an hour. No joke.

Reviewed by the guy 2 / 10

i will enter into a physical altercation with the director

this movie was by far one of the biggest mistakes of my life. it starts out slow and the height of the movie is barely noticeable, even when you're in the thick of it, because the whole movie is full of fake jump scares and build ups that leave you feeling empty and bored. the shaking lights are absolutely TERRIBLE, the monster is quite frankly sub-par, and really? montages of a dead dog? whats you're problem? none of the characters were very good, Lila screamed too much, and ed was a POS. they messed up Marty when trying to make a scary mentally ill character uwu (already a trope that's been beaten to death and is, quite frankly, boring) and ended up just being the only relatable character in the film, and he died within ten minutes. the only scary aspect of this movie is how bad it is. this movie was the longest running joke I've ever been a part of, and there wasn't even a punch line. don't bother with this one. (i gave it a two for Marty, the only enjoyable character)

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