Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust


Action / Horror

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Richard Tyson as The Watcher / Scopophilio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

Solid and worthy follow-up

Stuck on hard times, a struggling single mother accepts an offer to become a part of a new reality show and joins the others on the shoot deep in the woods to escape from a masked killer, but when they learn it's a setup with a real killer stalking them one-by-one try to get away alive.

This here was quite the decent follow-up effort. One of the better aspects of this one is the improvement in several areas over the original, including upping the ante on the body count. Rather than focus the time on a single individual, this one takes great use of the reality show-shoot concept by artificially adding a few extra bodies to hack up that also means it contains some extra blood and gore in the kills with more opportunities to do so. From the opening assault on the lone victim in the woods to the tied-up and mutilated body, this one features a nice start here while still undergoing the confines of the reality show setup here that it goes through in the first half. The game itself is quite a decent setup with them attempting to survive a make-believe horror film only to find themselves in a real one, and with the isolation of the deep woods and plenty of atmosphere generated from the lavish house that leads plenty of good fun to come from the stalking scenes to be featured here. From the series of ambushes showing him sneaking up on the victims inside the house to the chase through the woods after finding the strung up body inside the tree, these scenes here aren't that bad and definitely set up the fun to be had in the final half where it's down to the two of them in the final confrontation in the woods which is a decent overall setpiece that has a lot to like with the shootouts and confrontations with the killer. It also doesn't hurt that this continues to exploit its fine central killer who is an insanely chilling presence that this one gets a lot of mileage out of as the flesh-colored mask wrapped in barbed wire and twisted metal still leaves an indelible mark during his scenes. These here hold it up over it's few minor flaws. The main issue here is the fact that there's just such an abbreviated and quick ending that it's nearly impossible to be put off by what happens since it's smack in the middle of a battle that has both sides at a standstill rendering it impossible to know what happened. This literally reads as though it ran out of money and never bothered to go back to finish what was going on as this just ends without deciding anything. As well, this one suffers from a similar flaw from the original in its lack of overall clarity with what's going on. Hardly anything is explained at all here, from what the employer at the computer monitors is trying to accomplish to what the purpose of the killer is supposed to mean and why he's unaware of it all from the start. Alongside the moments where it's obvious the low budget comes shining through, these are what holds this one back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language and Brief Nudity.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 / 10

Playing with Dolls Bloodlust: Did the editor forget to add the ending?

Playing With Dolls (2015) was pretty bad, starring Richard Tyson and telling the story of a psycho intentionally released from psychiatric care by an unscrupulous group who wanted to make a business out his murders.

The killer looked great but the film itself was a bit of a mess.

This sequel is essentially the same. Richard Tyson: Check Great looking killer: Check Crappy film: Check This one however was en-route to being better, it has its moments but dies a death in the closing moments and the reason is quite astonishing.

The final showdown is taking place, our main protagonist is battling the villain were about halfway through the fight and *Drumroll* the credits begin. That's right, the movie has no ending. It's like the editor forgot to add the finale and it's left laying on the editing floor.

I'm not going to say its a great shame, even with a decent ending this would hardly be a good film but the fact the movie was released in this state shocks me beyond words.

The Good:

Killer still looks badass

The Bad:

Cast are pretty damn bad

Kills are weak Where is the ending?

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Boobs are to the killer as crucifix's are to vampires

Reviewed by vengeance20 2 / 10

Worse than the original & that's saying something!

After the first film left a pretty shitty taste in my mouth, I didn't think there would be even so much as a hint of there being a sequel! How wrong was I

Was in Morrison's one day in the DVD isle last month in January, new year means new releases & me being a horror guru always have to check out the DVD isle & came across I didn't know this was what the film was title as...Playing With Dolls: Bloodlust, I saw & bought a film as Leatherface, apparently in our country, the UK it's titled differently with a ripoff like title!

Hell the first was so bad I'm surprised they didn't use this technique all over & have it on here as Leatherface! Jesus! Any thing to get a pound out of people! I knew the killer on the cover looked somewhat similar, but I bought it anyway. It was only until then, from closer inspection, from the cast & crew that I realised that this was the sequel, from Googling to a strong inkling, though I horrifyingly thought for a split second that I had purchased the same film, I got rid of Playing With Dolls in Cex, but fortunately this wasn't, though I was apprehensive & almost sorry I got rid of the other as I had a feeling this one might continue on, though I didn't think right I was!

The film was flat out crap! Aside from the honey bun actress, Natasha Blastick! The film was boring & had no gory action the first one had! Hell the blood effects were either crap, or too small in use amounts it was terrible. There's no group of friend, nor any proper premise. There's no real set up or anything here, it just seems badly slapped together & lacking in action. There was no continuation of the story-line, nor any connection with the first film, I also felt this one lacked badly in deaths & action. The first even done well at this & even setting the film up, it was a hell of a lot better than this, the ending to the first was out right rude!!

The ending to this one however, wasn't so bad, but I was still horrified by it & how I had so many unanswered questions! It simply left me feeling cheated! I was hoping this one would be better & end better, seeing as how the first was a real let down in the ending factor! It was basically unfinished! While this lacked & had a pretty inconclusive ending!

Nice job with them trying to pull the wool over my eyes with that title, I would've thought twice before buying this,. though I would've anyway to see but it's simply chump change in comparison to how much they spent making this trollop!

The irony here is the film had the story & semi OK ending, which I would much preferred in the first, yet the first film had the action, gore & story but lacked the ending! So you can see what I'm getting at here! If the first had a more complete ending or at least the ending the second one did, then I'd of kept it. But this film lacked & makes watching it on a free website seem justifiable.

2/10 Really not as good as the first, though the first was crap too, ending wise so it's hard to say which is worse...!

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