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Action / Comedy / Romance

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Marla Sokoloff as Julie Larabee
Paul Campbell as David Mitchell
Clint Howard as Dick Mitchell
Doris Roberts as Rose Sherman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KKrastin 9 / 10

Play the Game

A movie that everyone dating should see and decide whether you play the game with dating, or play the game at work. Loved seeing another side of Andy Griffith (Grandpa). It was nice seeing Doris Roberts (Rose), from Everyone Loves Raymond, banter with Grandpa. It created an nice look of age stereotyping on what is love and how we define what love will look like for each of us. Will we know love when it arrives?

There's definitely something to appeal to all ages watching this movie! Lots of laughter along the way!

I've seen this before too and never wrote the review back then, but I did so this time to make sure that you are encouraged to watch this.

Great date movie to watch and wonder in the end.. ?

Reviewed by mgarciber 9 / 10

Loved it

I really liked this movie. It has a little of everything, romance, comedy and a twist at the end that I did not see it coming. When I saw the cover of the movie I was like " na... It is a movie of a nursing home". But it was 9pm and I did not want to see an action, horror, thriller movie because sometimes I cannot sleep with those movies because I suffer from anxiety.

So I told my husband it had good reviews and he said lets go for it. I laughed during all the movie especially with the role of the grandpa. But as a girl I love to see those movies in which those macho guys that think they have everything figured out with girls end up finding the real love. But what really caught my heart of the movie is the final part. I thought that all the movie was about him and at the end we learn all the movie was about her with that final twist.

Reviewed by californean 8 / 10

A must see movie for intergenerational understanding

I can understand why some may find this movie to be coarse or scandalous. Getting famous celebrities such as Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts certainly bestows extra credibility to the movie, but the acting itself, the likable characters, and a story line that is seldom talked about are enough to elevate this movie to a must see movie. I found myself laughing with the script and rooting for the characters and their realizations. I think that seeing Andy Griffith in a role that's different than a type character makes me appreciate his youthful presence even more. His role as Grandpa Joe was funny, endearing, and thought provoking.

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