Planet of the Vampires


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Barry Sullivan as Capt. Mark Markary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hullumaja Puffet 7 / 10

Ghosts? Zombies? Vampires?

The low budget shines through and through with the typical 1960's spaceship sets, and acting that occasionally goes quite wooden doesn't allow to take the viewer's mind of that he is watching cheap B-movie. Nonetheless, Mario Bava's dynamic and creative direction still keeps the eerie and ominous atmosphere that even some ridiculous parts of dialogue can't destroy. Although, before the right atmosphere kicks in, the first 15 minutes might feel pretty laughable considering the leather outfits and silly dialogue.

When two spaceships, Galliott and Argos, receive SOS signal from unexplored planet. When they decide to investigate both ships crash landing on the surface of the planet. Members of the crew who lost consciousness touring the landing turned violent towards each other. Only the captain of Argos, Mark Markary (Barry Sullivan) seems to be able to retain control over himself and force other members of the crew out of hypnotic violent outbursts. The crew of Argos disembarks for the search of Galliott. Soon they find the other ship and discover its crew has killed themselves. With string of unexplained and horrifying events happening, the crew of Argos must find the way out of the planet that seems to be inhabited by strong evil force.

'Planet of the Vampires' is eerie and atmospheric movie. Colorful sets and cinematography add a layer of surrealism over seemingly banal B-movie science-fiction drivel. It is very easy to see how much Ridley Scott has been influenced by this film while creating 'Alien' and 'Prometheus'.

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 7 / 10

"We'll not submit to a breed of parasites"

Two spaceships land on a mysterious planet. Which is the bare bones of many a science fiction movie but this one has its felicities. The main one is the fantastic look of the film. The costumes, the make-up, the spaceships, the planet itself. Like 'Forbidden Planet' (1956) every frame is a work of art. This planet has vampires, though not the bloodsucking type, but a parasitical force that possesses bodies. By the end of the film most of the two ship's crews are dead and the film ends on a disquieting note. Before that are many atmospheric scenes; the rising of the dead, the exploration of a previously crashed spaceship; the crossing of the alien landscape etc. Even the mist and fog are creepy and some of the sound effects are positively scary.

The great Mario Bava directs with a sure hand and it is easy to see the influence this film has had on other films. The cast is capable led by the American actor Barry Sullivan. There are some beautifully coiffeured women but thankfully there isn't any soppy romance to hold up the plot. The men and women are entirely equal.

A fine film and well worth watching.

Reviewed by Bezenby 7 / 10

I think ET ripped off this film, from what I've read

Mario Bava shakes up the "Italian actors visit Haunted castle in their Fiats" formula by swapping Fiats for spaceships and swapping a haunted castle for an entire haunted planet. Works for me! Two ships of humans are answering a distress signal they picked up from the planetoid Aura. After suffering through a crushing rise in gravity (were the actors indulge in some chuckle-tastic 'gravity struggling'), both ships land. Problem arise almost immediately as those who fell unconscious during the descent suddenly attack their fellow shipmates.

The other immediate problem is that the planet is creepy as hell and full of strange lights, fog, floating lights, and bad forced perspective shots. Captain Mark, our hunky hero, grabs some of his crew and seeks out the other ship, where he finds that they weren't so lucky over there as they all managed to murder each other. Slightly perturbed, Mark sets up a guard and buries the bodies of the other ship's crew (that'll be the ones that didn't mysteriously disappear when he went off to find a spade).

At this point we get clued in on what's happening (kind of) when the three dead astronauts rise up from the grave in slow motion! Zombies in an Italian film this early is great, plus they are the fast, gun-toting type, like in Umberto Lenzi's Nightmare City (1980) - sadly, they don't chase anyone up a roller-coaster like in that film.

No, there's a reason these guys are up and about and decimating Mark's crew. Maybe the truth lies in that other ship Mark has discovered. You know, the one with the huge alien skeletons in it. Or maybe the suddenly normal out of nowhere captain of the other ship they arrived with can explain things, if only he could keep his exposed guts from grossing out Mark? As this film is directed by Mario Bava, it's a lot better than you'd expect it to be. Despite the kind of cheap looking optical effects, crappy spaceship effects, and miniature work, Bava still makes this planet are scary place to be, with the constant howling wind, use of primary colour, and all them damn zombies walking about the place. He doesn't skimp on the gore either I noticed, what with all that blood and facial injuries. And checkout all those twists at the end! Also -there's a lot of aspects of Planet of the Vampires that turns up in the film Alien - the distress signal from the unexplored planet, the wind torn, weird geography of the planet itself, the old alien ship and it's occupants. No wonder the Italians would have their revenge with Alien 2 - On Earth (1980)!!!!!

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